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FF8 Cannibal Mafia

I agree there's a decent chance he's telling the truth, but I also still think there's an above average chance he's lying and counting on us thinking that lying about something like that is too crazy to do. It's not 100% sure, but lynch votes are basically never 100% sure.

I don't think so, man. He made a post immediately after trihan flipped town in the lounge thread which, while not a good idea, I did see and will use. It was pretty much "WHAT THE FUC" so, I'm gonna believe him, also!

if he was mafia, there would be no reason to ask the doctor (which we might not have) to not cover him, which is what he did. The only thing this would do, if rabitz was scum, is increase the chances of mafia not killing someone. It would have been bounds and leaps easier to just say "vanilla cop." For that matter, no other cop has chimed in with any reports. It's possible that we could not have a cop at all, but I think it's unlikely. Also, the idea of him being an insane cop balances with his bulletproof role. A regular cop with bulletproof is pretty overpowered, but a cop that is going to probably kill an innocent person and maybe get lynched as a result combined with bulletproof?

FF8 Cannibal Mafia

Oh I see.

Idida, who do you point the finger at?
Shinan's case is above but:

kyrsty: lurky scummy scumlord maybe. was scum and lurked hard last game.
chana: seemed to be okay with any outcome day 1, a weirdo, some active lurking
mirrormasq: stayed with his vote on trihan.
dudesoft: voted for mirrormasq after mirrormasq voted for him, reason being that mirrormasq was lurking, but mirrormasq really hasn't been lurking that hard in my opinion. there are plenty of other lurkers to choose from as well
gourd: i just have a bad feeling about gourd

more summaries

rabitz- his claim to be a bulletproof squall is too good since squall did take an icicle through the chest. him being some sort of psychotic cop would also balance out his bulletproof status. reactions to getting the lynch wrong seemed genuine
dudesoft- reaction to trihan's (false) assumption that mafia didn't know who each other were on d1 appeared genuine. maybe a liar
mrchearlie: made a good post on page 12 about the reactions to lynching trihan.

however, the case against shinan appears to be the strongest, for me. I really hope he's just mafia and not being ridiculously anti-town (as you can see in my post above), but this may also serve to figure out the deal with rabitz so

# Lynch Shinan

FF8 Cannibal Mafia

:( mason bro...

hey dudesoft, why did you claim mason when the actual masons (the brothers) have already been revealed

FF8 Cannibal Mafia

It would be nice to know the extent of the Phoenix's power in regards to revival before the day's end.

No. We do not want to reveal this information.

We lynch rabbitZ today. If he turns out to be a cannibal, good for the heroes! If he's a hero, then we know that the cannibals got exceptionally lucky with their confusion tech on Night 1, or rabbitZ got a critical failure. In any event, the doctor should protect ldida1, who resurrects Happy, and we'll have three confirmed innocents on the field.

That's only if we assume that rabitz actually had his investigation fouled up. He could just see guilties as innocents and vice versa, or just get results randomly.

I'm considering just killing all the people who have voted right now.

  • Lynching him could test rabitz
    Put a vote against dudesoft, claimed it was random (???? Why would you do this), then claimed it was a joke, and also didn't retract it despite thinking that dudesoft was town, apparently
    Refuses to claim role even though I AM GOING TO KILL HIM IF HE DOES NOT
    very unsure of his own innocence
    "I want to see what role Trihan has and the best way to do this is to kill 'im. "

My choice would be between him and mirrormasq, but I'd like to hear what Idida, Marrend, and to a lesser extent, rabitz, think about it. I don't know how to use list tags properly.

FF8 Cannibal Mafia

Nevermind, don't answer that. Ho Ho Ho

FF8 Cannibal Mafia

Well, Unless someone wants to counterclaim the role of revivalist...I assume your power is a one time thing?

FF8 Cannibal Mafia

The fact that you seem unsure of your own innocence bothers me. That and the fact that it is taking you so long to claim a role despite already being "outed" as inno. What also bothers me is that you're voting based on dice rolls, but apparently not to get someone lynched. Why is this? What if you HAD gotten a bandwagon rolling? Would you have tried to call it off? I doubt it.

FF8 Cannibal Mafia

Oh I see.

So here's another question, Shinan, the hammer had already been brought down but you didn't seem to know that so it's irrelevant.

I want to see what role Trihan has and the best way to do this is to kill 'im.


Lynch Trihan

After Trihan's explanation and no post from Marrend, why would you not wait for Marrend to say something? This is ridiculously anti-town.

FF8 Cannibal Mafia

Gourd_Clae: I am the cop, and I investigated Trihan night one, and he came up as Villain to me. I am positive of that.

What I do not know is why he came up as villain when he was indeed a hero.

If people decide to lynch me, I will understand. The only way to determine without fail if I am telling the truth about my role is to lynch me, but then I guess the villains would gain an ever stronger position.
I just remembered this; and it's been bugging me. He claims he investigated Trihan who turns up villain, but was in fact a hero. And then to save face, he claims to have investigated Shinan who was hero and as of yet has had VERY little to do with the game.
I actually think this is a line of shit. I'm not sure if bullet proof or just full of shit altogether...?

I do believe that rabitz IS a cop of some sort. He had a reaction in the lounge thread which, while it maybe was not a good idea to post, seemed very genuine to me.

It's very possible that, since rabitZ claims to be squall, and squall is a person who hates all his friends, that rabitz is an "insane cop" who gets town as guilties and mafia as innocents.

This would make Shinan guilty. So, Shinan, since Rabitz has said he has said that you are inno and we are at a point where this may not be actually true, I suggest you claim your role. Also, stop trying to lynch Dudesoft. He's Totally Townie.
And why did you say Marrend is innocent? Scumslippery, perhaps...?

FF8 Cannibal Mafia

Um, yeah. I said I'd hold you responsible because it would be your fault. Since Despite wasn't town though, I don't care. Though, I'm curious, how did it sound sinister? Here, I'll look back real quick: "I hope we're not wrong. I hold Cave dogs reponsible if we are." I also don't recall anything coming out of this.

Personally, Chana na dher patterns of voting are bugging me.

Nothing came out of it because I was dead. The reason it's suspicious is that you are absolving yourself of responsibility? It's my fault? No, it would also be your fault, because you added to the vote when you could have voted otherwise.

I guess, though, if you were scum and were banking on lynching me the next day, you would not have killed me. Or was it the serial killer who killed me? We will never know.
That said, everything is a little half-baked right now. will be quiet and wait for more precious posts