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FF8 Cannibal Mafia

So, there are 2 dead heroes and 2 dead independents (all of them, in theory).

Which leaves 8 heroes and 4 villains.
Someone who is more math oriented can help me with the odds?

Well, If I'm picking who to kill because I'm clear, I would have a 4/11 chance of getting it right, ignoring who I absolutely wouldn't pick because I'm pretty sure they're town and who reads like a bad person.

FF8 Cannibal Mafia

I'm making all the posts. LIterally, all the posts. I would like it if everyone who has not posted today could post today at some point, just so that I know we don't have a missing tracker report or something that could prove someone guilty. everyone needs to say who they think is awful and needs to go before we lynch or no lynch, as well. i'm a dog woof woof

FF8 Cannibal Mafia

It seems that Dudesoft quoted trihan saying that his statement was a "good point." Personally, I don't think Dudeman is shrewd enough to lie in this manner, so I'm leaning towards townie.

FF8 Cannibal Mafia

Okay, so, based on this new info about the mafia: I have deduced something. Killing despite was good
that's half joke, but half true again. Here is why. The mafia knew who each other were (and that despite was not mafia.) What they did NOT know was that he was independent. Hell, the odds were that he was town, so why would they assume independent? So here we have a list of people.

"CAVE_DOG_IS_BACK, Happy, Gourd_Clae, chana, Trihan, rabitz, ldida1, LockeZ, Marrend, ???"

I don't know who those question marks are. SOMEONE here is able to vote without making it public, it would appear, but we can cross some names off of the list. Mine, being the vigilante, Happy, being dead, Trihan, being dead, the question marks, for now, but I will get back to them later. Which leaves us with
Gourd_Clae, chana, rabitz, ldida1, LockeZ, Marrend,

Six people, one of whom claims to be cop. We'll ignore him for now. I just looked back to see who it was that said that cannibals couldn't talk to each other yet, and it was Trihan, damn. Well, if anyone else remembers anyone saying something like that, please point it out to me.

Now, there's potential for wifom here, mafia certainly could have tried to nl to seem less suspicious, but I bet there's some bad dudes in this list. I personally find chana's flip-flopping suspicious, but even more suspicious is gourd_clae's statement that he would hold ME responsible if despite turned out to be town. In one sentence, he tries to absolve himself of responsibility and makes a pretty sinister statement, since a member of the mafia would know that both I and despite were not part of the mafia.

He would be my choice to lynch, but first, I want to hear why Idida has been lurking so much.

FF8 Cannibal Mafia

Okay, well, can I paraphrase the other thing I got an answer to? Which was the answer to my first question? trying to avoid a modkilling here

FF8 Cannibal Mafia

I ask you to unvote. As the clear, we will be doing whatever Irvine Kinneas demands, OR ELSE.... Waiting on a response from Zeuzio.

FF8 Cannibal Mafia

Along those lines, am I allowed to copy+paste PMs received from you, or is that strictly a no-no? quadpost

FF8 Cannibal Mafia

Zeuzio, this is important in how we're going to proceed. Were mafia informed of their partners on d1? Did they not know? Or do you not want to answer this question?

FF8 Cannibal Mafia

Oh okay, he already told us. Let me reread. Not sure why you told us who was a hero rather than just "it's a hero" though

FF8 Cannibal Mafia

Gourd_Clae: I am the cop, and I investigated Trihan night one, and he came up as Villain to me. I am positive of that.

What I do not know is why he came up as villain when he was indeed a hero.

If people decide to lynch me, I will understand. The only way to determine without fail if I am telling the truth about my role is to lynch me, but then I guess the villains would gain an ever stronger position.

Why have you not revealed your report for this night?

So, here's the thing: rabitz might be a legit cop. Personally, I have my doubts about lynching him. there does exist a mafia role "Framer" that exists solely to frame people at night so that they turn up guilty if investigated. I wouldn't feel comfortable lynching rabitz at this time, myself.

What is important is this: I am as close to a clear as we have. I have been revived and am still Irvine Kinneas, but it seems Zeuzio did not specify that so you have to go on my word. But know this: A mafia role that revived people AND converted them to mafia would be RIDICULOUSLY overpowered. based on that, it's pretty clear I'm still town.

I think it's important to analyze the flavor here. I'm Irvine, who is a vigilante. because vigilantes traditionally shoot people and have a gun. makes sense. Edea as amnesiac makes sense. Squall...well....I dunno. I guess if someone had to be the cop, it would be him. I'm a little thrown off by the fact that we have GFs, but whatever. something to think about, I think it's funb. I'm pretty sure that whoever is reviving people is the GF Phoenix. I bet whoever it is can't do it often, if more than once.

Also, for the record, killing despite was totally still a good idea. With his murderous personality, you can bet he would have either become me and shot people every night, the serial killer, or one of the mafia and thrown everything off.

So now I have some strong suspicions, but I would like to hear what your report is, rabitz.