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FF8 Cannibal Mafia

If I'm wrong? What about all the other people who decided to follow and bandwagon on Happy that was started for no reason? Joke votes are one thing, but jumping on a bandwagon, and also having a Zell avatar, are another.

We should lynch. It's way better to try to feel these things out than to just wait for the cop to say "look he did it" especially when we have 4 mafia and 10 town. So many mislynches available.

By the way Zeuzio, "bomb cop" is a little overpowered for a forums game.

FF8 Cannibal Mafia

Well, I'm willing to vote for the first person to jump on the bandwagon, since such a person is probably not going to be helpful to the town anyway.

#Lynch Despite

FF8 Cannibal Mafia

Why are you no lynching

FF8 Cannibal Mafia

Hey, would any of you like to give a reason for your lynches? I find randomly lynching to be a bad thing. Is Yellow Magic bad at this game or something?

No lynching is a bad idea, though, I think. Seems like we can afford to lynch, but I don't think the decision should be made so quickly.

Interracial Relations

ahahahahahahaha sure because leaving out the white people is worse than everything else ever

hey, this isn't funny. we are frequently persecuted for our lack of basketball skills. maybe put a trigger warning on your post next time

Global Warming (again with the contraversy...)

I know I'm going to regret this, but... okay, I'll bite.
Give me something to dissect. Pick your tax, regulation, subsidy, whatever. Be specific. Don't just say "emission regulations".

how about
You can see it now with goofy things like carbon taxes, carbon emission limits, and even that Carbon Credit scheme that, once you understand how it works, turns out to be a rigged-market that commoditises production and makes a garden of eden for parasitical speculators.
The end result of those types of policies, intended or not, is deindustrialisation and scarcity. Backwardation and famine. No thanks.

any of these, since that was what you posited. whatever thing you would like. faminize me baby

As for the empire topic, I'll be repeating myself if I go further. If you don't understand now, you won't after 10 pages of back and forth.

i'm not surprised you can't defend the assertion that every empire has collapsed because their enconomic framework was not socialist enough. i couldn't defend it, and i'm really strong and good looking. perhaps our morale isn't high enough?

It is just another bogeyman in the closet to scare you into doing certain things, namely you paying additional taxes and buying "Environmentally Friendly" products.
there's mountains and mountains of evidence that confirms global warming to be a real thing, if you care to do a google search and not close your eyes. i agree that buying eco-friendly products isn't going to really stop anything because the problem is on a way bigger scale than that.

I was already insulted by Cave Dog,

hey man, I don't know which insult you are referring to, whether it me calling you an egghead, the dozens of PMs I sent to you saying I was going to burn your house down, or saying you needed to see a brain doctor, but I actually do think you need to see a brain doctor because some of the stuff you say, in addition to citing 1000 year old alchemists, is completely nuts. i was actually deathly afraid i was being trolled by the most skilled fakeposter our time has ever seen.

Global Warming (again with the contraversy...)

"Instead of asking me to explain the myriad of things that could go wrong, why don't you explain to everyone how it would work? "

because the burden of proof actually isn't on me to prove why carbon emission regulations don't and cannot cause starvation, just like I don't have to explain to anyone why the earth is round.

that's a great treatise on why empires operate according to video game logic. i should have known that byzantine would not have lost all those battles because their Command and Conquer Moraleā„¢ was not high enough. If only we were more patriotic and were able to form the spirit bomb, mayhaps constantinople would not have been conquered? I mean, I guess being "not killed" isn't enough incentive, I also need a sandwich, because says I'm starving too. I mean, sure, constantinople's conquest was what disrupted the affluence of Byzantine, but that wouldn't have happened if we had more wealth. chicken>egg>chicken>egg. Watch out, turks! Look how high our morale is! We literally cannot be defeated

Global Warming (again with the contraversy...)

How do I learn to posit a hypothesis that has no evidence backing it up and just say "haha think about it for a second little baby" Please I want to hear the nightmare scenario in which kyoto protocol>starvation
Does it have to do with big hair

btw, "expanding too much, weak inheritance" are both examples of wealth misallocation.

holy shit no they aren't you can't just *say* things. gar gar goalposts are we somehow now on the topic that the byzantine empire would have not been rocked by the crusaders if it was a socialist society. would cao cao not have puppeteered his emperor if the peasants had more wealth. let's go even farther back. perhaps all empires collapse, not because of their wealth, but because of their early ancestors not having sex with the right people?

Global Warming (again with the contraversy...)

The question was, are they not doing too hot because of emission regulations, so I feel it still works as an example. Perhaps it is instead the fault of the gays?

I dunno man like of course if the regulations kill *something* then it is probably harmful (What is something???) but where is this happening?? How is this just throwing money at something? Carbon taxing is different from emission standards in that emission standards are an actual thing regulated by the government.

Global Warming (again with the contraversy...)

Generally, anecdotal evidence is not good evidence.

How is a tax on carbon emissions (These do not detract from innovation. If anything, it's the opposite because the provide an incentive to produce more efficient ways of producing energy) a missappropriation of wealth? Like, in what way, are those two things, the same thing, by any definition? Sorry about not having "moderate intellect." Your explanation as to why empires collapse is extremely simplistic and also plainly not true by virtue of the fact that several empires have collapsed for wildly different reasons (expanding too much, weak inheritance, etc.)

You didn't answer my question. What evidence do you have that the various countries that employ emission standards or whatever ecological terrorist buzzword of the hour are failing because of that? Is California going to enter a state of famine because it regulates greenhouse gasses? Because that is a thing you said would happen.