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Global Warming (again with the contraversy...)

nobody in this thread did. But Cave Dog was making the implication that you can't have one without sacrifice of the other (or maybe I read into it wrong).
um yeah that's absolutely the opposite of what I said. did you mean facesforce? Also, you did say that thing, for the record
"It's better to keep pushing technology forward with specific goals in mind than to devise new methods of stifling progress so that we can all live in mud huts while being monitored by the Global Climate Stasi. "
but I guess that doesn't matter so much now.

You also seem to have a rather hefty chip on your shoulder with regards to your strawmen environmentalists.

The end result of those types of policies, intended or not, is deindustrialisation and scarcity. Backwardation and famine. No thanks.

What evidence do you have to back this up? What countries that regulate carbon emissions are failing because of that? What empires have collapsed because they were too concerned about the environment? What is this about famine, a thing that is caused by the misappropriation of wealth?

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Mafia: Round 2 (Lounge/Sign-ups)

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Space Station and Titanic are different themes still.

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Global Warming (again with the contraversy...)

In what way is the pursuit of technological achievement as a means to solve problems a 'false dichotomy'?

Because you are asserting that technological innovation and ecological sustainability are mutally exclusive. You don't have to choose between them, just like Erwin doesn't have to choose between helping the racist goddess and siding with the demon tribe.

we've built a molten-salt reactor. the waste produced by thorium has useful applications, although there is very little of it.

Global Warming (again with the contraversy...)

okay that's great except researching more ecological-friendly sources of energy (like, for example, thorium reactors, which are HI-TECH AS HELL) does not impede expansion in any way, shape, or form regardless of what alchemical beliefs you subscribe to. you are caught in a false dichotomy, and frankly, I did not expect such a thing from a langrisser fan.

A nuclear bomb can a global event, btw, if it eject enough material into the stratosphere. The blocked sunlight by the particles in that upper atmosphere (which can stay aloft for 5 or more years) could be enough to decrease the average worldwide temperatures by a couple of degrees.

it's ultimately useless to talk in hypotheticals like this. what can be is not what was, and this is not what was meant by the destruction of man at the hands of "Nuclear Man" in any case. i'm a dog

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think of the adults

Global Warming (again with the contraversy...)

interesting. i did not think that thousand year old alchemists had so much information on global warming and space travel, but now, i see, they do. i am personally reminded of when i learned that george washington was actually a bad guy (T-Word) from assassin's creed

Global Warming (again with the contraversy...)

i advise you to not take your beliefs from full metal alchemist and also to see a brain doctor