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Global Warming (again with the contraversy...)

I'd say we could definitely "destroy" the Earth. Why do you think we can't?
A simple reason, my good Gourd. This planet takes care of its own, and punishes that which is not. We invented the most terrifying weapon known to man, and look at the cities we used as its trial run? The planet did not die there. It lived on, and regrew. We humans are indeed arrogant beings, to the point we are willing to compare ourselves to gods. No matter what we do, no matter how far we go, that arrogance will hold us down, and the world will teach us our wrongs.
That is what the disasters continually have shown us, including the earthquakes of japan as of last year.

Thanks, it's really cool seeing this insight from your philosophy 101 class or whatever but unfortunately the potential problem has never been whether the planet will survive but rather "will the planet be habitable to us." and if you know anything about desertification or fast farming or how the world is being turned into a barren wasteland (iraq used to be cradle of eden god bless) then you know that there needs to be a major paradigm shift. also I'm really worried that you believe a nuclear bomb and global warming are at all comparable (most important point, one is obviously localized and does not effect literally the entire planet)

@Cave_Dog: They are mutual, because man is bound to the sacrificial principal. There is no escaping that truth. We will expand, and our sacrifice will be destruction.

lolll this literally does not even mean a single thing. it is gibberish. you are stringing words together and not forming any kind of coherent thought. did you steal this line from a fan-translated snes game

Global Warming (again with the contraversy...)

No, I am saying that I want more factories and more large buildings. I want us to build to the point that all of space is covered with the creations of mankind. Why should we care about how much the emissions effect the cycle? We are humans, so relax and watch as the world and space bends to our will.

Why do you think expansion on a galactic scale and taking care of this planet are mutually exclusive.

Mafia: Round 2 (Lounge/Sign-ups)

Hi, I would like to suggest we just combine space and titanic together.

Mafia: Round 2 (Lounge/Sign-ups)

HI, I am changing my vote from space to titanic. Thank you.

Splitting one large game into multiple smaller games

That's a great idea. I'd say that, if you gamed the system right, you might even be able to win every single misao with this plan. I don't know if there's any evidence to support this theory, though.

Global Warming (again with the contraversy...)

What we gotta do is get on hell of thorium energy. Just thinking about that sweet thorium running through my veins makes me breath a little harder.

wow!! look at all those words!!! i'm not reading that let's get the hell off this planet

Global Warming (again with the contraversy...)

global warming is definitely real. i'm all for it, being a weird racist fire monster, but i can see how others would not like it.

Mafia: Round 2 (Lounge/Sign-ups)

You really shouldn't make me a vigilante of some sort because I'm just gonna shoot all the ff8 avatars immediately

disclaimer: i won't actually do that, i will just want to do it really hard

Wither Review

I can simply cut off your head with one swing of my nodachi, but I would never do that because it is rude.

Final Fantasy VI Esper Configaroation

wow...lot of rudeness in this thread. IMO, people should be allowed to configure their espers in any fashion they choose and not be discriminated for it. Whether they want to carefully min/max so they have the highest stats possible, consult a star chart to see whether Venus is in Cancer (And Ramuh is in Edgar as a result), or even try to have fun playing the game, nobody deserves to be othered for their video game choices unless they didn't kill ashley in mass effect, because I just learned in my soc 1010 class that racism is wrong.