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Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

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Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

but we would need to keep demonlord alive with us and have him cooperate to make it all happen. He might, since he would 100% win that way, but unfortunately, I don't think the rest of the town is going to bite the bullet and let that happen. UNLESS Gourd is literally just gone.

#lynch OddRabbitThe only thing worse than cavedog gloating would be killing cavedog when he was correct, because then he'd get to do selfrighteous gloating in deadchat.

#cancel#lynch cavedog

I refuse to believe the duel power is both town-aligned and not shot limited.

I don't think Odd is lying about his power (not that it couldn't be a scum power).

Everything I said on day two regarding how scum are likely to vote for their scumbuddy in a situation like the day 1 duel remains true. They don't want to not be on that train. What I didn't bring up was that Psy was also totally doing this. Of secondary importance, but still notable, is the fact that his vote for me
A. resulted in tying the votes. Several people had already voted me so it was not out of the question that the vote could swing back onto me.
B. had pretty bad reasoning behind it SINCE a vote depending on this theorycrafting, that the power couldn't be both town-aligned and unlimited, also depends on the power being demonstrated to be unlimited in the first place. If it hasn't fulfilled this condition, there's no reason to vote someone for the reason of "this can't be unlimited and town." Now, at this point, I had posted one doge image saying I was going to use the power again. Is this probable cause for Psy, who has seen me lie in many, many games at this point, to suspect that the power actually is unlimited? The answer... is no.
C. Has a hedge at the end that reveals that implies the reasoning behind the vote is kind of backwards. Odd could be scum, and this vote isn't about who's more likely to be scum. It's about who's more likely to be lying about their power.

So the question you have to ask is, what about that image, (That said I was going to use the power again, on Psy) was enough for him to swing his vote?

Well, one way he could've known Odd was scum is that he was Odd's scumpartner. Cavedog has pulled the "scum who duels their partner d1" play literally on this site before -- I'd almost be more trusting of him if he'd hit town.

Psy doesn't trust me for most of the game but won't make a vote or case on me. keep this note in your head.

After my voteswap, I think if Ozzy shut up and Odd showed up, it was still possible to turn that around,(1) so Ozzy at least looks townish there. Cap's non-vote I think is the most suspicious thing in there because it looks like testing the waters,(2) and if he thinks killing Cave is a mistake, the only alternative is killing Odd. Liberty's position on the Odd vote might be suspicious as well if she was trying to get in early on the train but that strikes me as less likely.(3)

(1) heh yeah sucks that didn't go as planned loL!!!! ok
(2) THIS REASONING for suspicion...doesn't make a lot of sense. testing the waters for what? Cap unvoted immediately. If he was putting down a vote to see if others would follow, unvoting and arguing in defense of me being town wouldn't make sense.
(3) less likely....UNTIL i make this exact case, at which point

That said, Liberty case is solid and is basically along what I was thinking, I am pretty okay with that call.

it becomes the most likely option.

@cave: I'd be interested in your role name.

this was so he could write my role name in his death note, for the record. or else scum got a list of their potential helpers' role names before the game started. both sides of the coin are active

I don't really like this evasiveness, mainly because of of the junk Odd was doing in 2 out of his 3 posts this game -- speculating on Cave's role name and ability for some reason, after the power had already been used:
I really have no idea what would lead him to do this regardless of alignment, but that the name of the role is something cave would prefer to keep concealed makes me think Odd's speculation is relevant. (also not thrilled that he doesn't care about the vote outcome, but w/e)

this remains bad. no further comment. don't respond

I'm a 1-shot doctor, except the protection goes into effect the night after I use the power, rather than the same night. I used it last night so I'm now effectively vanilla. But if nobody dies tonight, you know why.

not going to focus on this too much, but this role seems incredibly weak to me. USUALLY, 1-shot doctor is enough. making it rely on precog in addition to that seems insane to me. here's a role that actually makes sense: 1-shot use of a power that removes gourd from the game for a phase. IS THIS WHAT HAPPENED??

Yeah actually, that sounds really plausible, I'll buy it. Liberty dropped the name of the role out of nowhere for no reason, and pairing a role cop with Odd's power would be a pretty neat setup.

#lynch Liberty

the problem is that the rolecop theory i presented was always insane. i very quitely mentioned this at one point, but this theory relies on the rolecop wasting their power on claimed vanilla town.

Confirmed town is not great for scum to have around. Endgames with Gourd alive look not great for scum (think Gourd+townie+scum). That's cool you were analyzing in depth who scum should target though~

starting to get a bit overconfident here. it is a BIG big reach to call what psy is responding here (demonlord saying that scum probably wouldn't target gourd) scummy. Of course if demonlord is town with his claimed role, he's going to think about the possibility of Gourd getting targeted. Psy would understand this and not attack him for it if town, since he's a claimed doctor who would be doing that when deciding how to use his power!! And in fact has vocalized said reasoning in this thread!!!
: My rationale for protecting Gourd on N1 is that I had no solid townreads but Atiya, and I doubted that was who scum would target. I can imagine a world in which scum targets Gourd on N1/N2/N3 whatever in order to keep the list of suspects long.

I don't agree with this reasoning but it's possible to think this way, w/e.

There's a larger pattern of behaviour of psy pointing out suspicions he has on multiple players and then, instead of following whatever is his strongest one, he latches onto whatever case I make. WELL THE FREE RIDES ARE OVER. I'M NO LONGER YOUR PUPPET!!! Unless you did something to actually make Gourd disappear today. also what's your role name, DON'T say murderer

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

wait fuck. IT IS POSSIBLE!!!

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

i feel like this is where I should make a big effort case for things people seem to not be noticing. I kind of don't want to, probably will anyway, but until then I am psychically projecting my wishes onto you all.

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

my alternate win condition....was literally never possible...lmfao

i am done trying to drag scum to endgame. it's over. this is the endgame now.#lynch psy

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

where is gourd

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

the other problem with analyzing demonlord's wincon too much is that it assumes that this game was carefully crafted, and I think that my alternate wincon being achievable might literally not be a mathematical possibility.

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

i slept for twelve hours and might make 149 stream of consciousness posts.
my main concern is that atiya really doesn't make a whole lot of sense as a demonlord kill because atiya was definitely going to vote me today. It does make sense if someone is trying to drag me to endgame so that I can kill gourd, though (still on the table)

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

He could die when sheriff dies and still have the town wincon. BUT i'm going to assume that since it hasn't been said yet, he doesn't. which is pretty weird since scum could just nightkill gourd twice to take them both out of the game (also functionally means the deathproof has a lot less function, since, if they do that, it's only...kind of slowing things down, because gourd has a vote but doesn't count for numbers)

Not ready to vote demonlord just yet. SOMETHING is bugging me here. going to sleep on it for now.

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

I have not been trying to 'actively pursue' getting gourd executed at endgame. If that were the case, I would saved my shot and used it on him to remove his deathproof near endgame.

this bit doesn't make any sense. I was remembering my power as a vig instead of what it was. rip

was sniped by Demon, ignore that last question

He didn't actually address that. Also, I thought you townread fomar?