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Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

Welp, last day I was in favor of killing psy, this day I am going to dial back to CAVE because come on, HOW DOES NO ONE WANT TO LYNCH HIM. He is absolutely fine with killing Gourd, the freaking sherrif. It's one of his win conditions according to him. He doesn-t want to solve the game, he wants for enough town to die so he can hammer vote on Gourd and win himself. How that isn't apparent to anyone just yet, I don't know.


As for why Atiya of all people got killed, my guess is as good as yours, I have no idea why.

So, I have been trying to solve the game. Killing scum is a way easier win condition for me to pursue than banking on the extremely weird scenario where I live to kill Gourd. I made a lot of jokes about mislynching because people were going apeshit over me using the word once. The actual person who isn't trying to solve the game here might be you, since you're voting for someone that you're also framing as town, since you seem to believe that I do have this alternate win condition, which scum wouldn't have because killing gourd at endgame and killing anyone else at endgame would be functionally the same to them.

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

I actually don't believe that's a plausible town wincon. UNLESS you would like to add that you have another aspect to your role, which would make the whole "rawrhrhgh cave has two powers" (not sure if you can call the second part a power but w/e) thing a pretty suspect reason for building a case.

We have zero (good) protective roles claimed and it would mean that you could essentially lose the entire game if scum just targeted Gourd twice, with no way to counteract it. The reason my win condition isn't solely something like "kill gourd at the end of the game" is because Gourd could get killed earlier than that without any way of me preventing it. So it seems to make sense to me that without a second part to your role, this win condition wouldn't make sense.

The ONLY way it would make sense without a second part to the role, is if the entire thing was banked on "Oh, well they wouldn't do that and would leave him alive forever because he doesn't count for numbers," but the problem with that is that if they won the game by just executing Gourd at the end... that's just, like, a regular town loss. That's the town win/lose condition. And if you won with Gourd alive regardless of whether or not town won, then you'

This also brings up the pretty huge question of "What happens to demonlord if he has this wincon and gourd is taken out of the game?" Does he just disappear or become a totally free agent?

I could explain this more if anyone is confused, but it sounds fake to me. Still thinking about it.

That aside, I have problems with the rest of what you wrote. Firstly, you did not come down on me because of conflicting win conditions. You made it very clear that you didn't believe my alt-wincon (it feels strange to me that you frame yours as ONLY being able to win if gourd is alive. mine isn't that way.) I have not been trying to 'actively pursue' getting gourd executed at endgame. If that were the case, I would saved my shot and used it on him to remove his deathproof near endgame. That's just a total mischaracterization of what's happened thus far.
The problem with your last sentence is... why would I be sharing my wincon if I was scum. how is "hammering gourd at endgame" a meaningfully different win condition than "hammer anyone at endgame?" The latter action encompasses the former. additionally why would scum ever keep that from their partner. None of this feels particularly relevant, but this seems like an unnatural/artificial train of thought that you're pursuing.

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

this scum knows who's willing to butter the bread...BOTH SIDES

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

thinking about a good old fashioned demonlord murder. but maybe he has a really cool roleclaim.

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

btw just want to give a big thanks to scum for killing atiya because that person was totally going to vote me today. we're really making big strides towards executing gourd.

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

I think Demonlord has more questionable content. Especially the way he avoided voting for Liberty (outside of not being sold on it). But I'm not sure he would aim to kill Fomar n1.

Did Demon claim?

I also would like demonlord's claim.

Psy, who did you protect?

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

well, Ozzy just said he's willing to help me kill gourd (not sure, skimmed over the post) so nevermind, he's clear

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

PERSONALLY, while Liberty flipping either town or scum would both be extremely funny and just, I would rather be executing Ozzy right now. The "rolecop" idea is not very good anymore because it seems like Ozzy is the only other claimed vanilla, and he claimed day 1. That would mean using your rolecop on a vanilla on purpose. Which is...a...Chad move?

Ozzy's posting has been really weird in a way I..well. just look at it. But also, he only says the name of the vanilla town role after Liberty does and turned on Odd for the exact same (bad) reason.

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

fifth half is the "duofacto" of didn't pick a symbol + good mislynch

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

so, again, I didn't cancel my vote on Odd, interesting framing.

- Cave, as a way to discredit my and ozzy's claims of vanilla town, posited that *ahem* "mafia must have gotten the vanilla town text and that's why they know" (not a quote. it's 2am, I can't be fucked to get the exact quote but it was basically that)

- Cave later then tried to state that we must have gotten that information during the night phase using a power... EVEN THOUGH I POSTED THAT SHIT ON DAY ZERO, before powers were in use.

the main problem with your case, besides the other parts that didn't happen, is that these things also didn't happen. The post you're talking about answers something Psy was saying, doesn't even say the possibility is likely, and actually impugns Ozzy.

any good mod will have the vanilla town role pm delivered to scum. now, this mod might be bad, we don't know, but rolecops also exist. people only started saying the vanilla town role name day 2. also noteworthy that ozzy never said it until after liberty.

as much as i like my liberty case and love killing liberty, killing ozzy may be wiser, as his ideas are really bad and he said something about voting me once.

also odd doesn't say the thing you're saying he said, but it's not a huge distinction. This doesn't imply that he thinks there are no vanilla town, nor does it imply that he thought all scum had powers.
I think what this implies is that nearly everyone has a power of some kind, dunno if I missed that in the rules text, or if I'm completely wrong. But yeah. Information.

anyway none of this was ever part of the case I made. My actual case, repeated for the fourth time now, is that I think it would be likely for scum to get on Odd early. You can say you wouldn't do that, that's fine, and also not a counterargument. The other half of my case is that your reason for voting Odd after he claimed a power role was pretty strange, because it was entirely based on "He thinks there are more power roles than not in the game." This is not an assumption that indicates alignment either way, so choosing to stick a vote on him and leave it there to the exclusion of everything else remains weird. The third half of my case is your disingenuous framing of almost everything that's happened in the game. The fourth half of my case is repeatedly melting down instead of voting ozzy or something.