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Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

(potentially Fomar also had a "town that could also kill Gourd" alignment and he was indeed fake town)

My alignment is still town. The alt-wincon would make you think this was a 3p role, but, somehow, it isn't.


He probably didn't have it. The reason I think this is because his role name was Wandering Gun, Atiya's is Gun for Hire, and mine is Renegade. The latter two describe a kind of willingness to turn mercenary (Apparently renegade used to be a very similar to betray) but Wandering Gun doesn't really convey the same sentiment.

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

i believe most scum would see the writing on the wall and get in on that execution early for cred. they'd also be unlikely to hem haw about it for the same reason. i don't see anyone here advocating for me to die yesterday in an attempt to wifom. in addition:

#lynch oddRabbitMy reason? I don't have a power. I'm vanilla town. Assuming everyone has a power is wronk.

this doesn't make a lot of sense as a reason to vote someone because making an incorrect assumption about setup spec isn't scummy.

demonlord, how do you feel about this. Do you agree/disagree and why

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

Would be kind of funny if everyone had it. I don't really see it as a way to verify anyones alignment, but if multiple people did have it then it could be confirmed as a role that exists. In that case though I still think it's weird cave has a multirole. It'd make more sense to me if two people only had that role, or even have the two that have the role even be masons and try to work together to set up the sheriff lynch.

After some thought I can believe multiple people might have it. What's weird to me is the way cave has it through a multipower. Just the whole design of a duelist/mislynch sheriff at the end role is strange to me.

I'm 100% confident that Atiya has some other aspect to her role that hasn't been shared. Not really concerned with saying this out loud because scum isn't going to kill someone that could help them win.

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

currently, I feel very good about my range of suspects (Ozzy/Liberty.) Pretty much the only thing I'm worried about is the chance that the actual scum is demonlord, who would just slide to the finish line after being able to avoid becoming a high-profile target due to subbing in.

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

I can't really speak to the design philosophy behind the roles, but I don't think the intent was for this part to be used to verify anyone at all. If the case the case, more people would have it (which would be a funny prank on Gourd)

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

Not seeing anything that sells me on a liberty lynch. Also thinking on it more, I'm not buying that cave had both a duel and a lynch sheriff power combined all into one.

Unless he really is unlimited duel shot and is making us think he was bluffing by not using it today with the option of winning as non-town with altiya in that scenario. Bit of a stretch but that's current conspiracy theory.

so, to be clear, you're talking about it being unlikely for me to have two 'parts' to my role, but one of those parts vastly increases the odds of me dying.

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

Liberty got on the odd train fast which I don't think she really had any reason to do.

so, to be clear, the reason you get on that train fast is so that people can't say you weren't on the train after he get executed. And, you can say this is conceited or w/e idgaf, but, I think 9/10 in a situation like that, Odd is gonna be the one getting executed, not me. this idea

Just voted and left it as was, which I would NOT do if I was Odd's fellow scum (I'd have jumped on the Cave train that was going on, btw)

that there was a train on me just isn't true. At the time that she voted Odd, Odd had the majority of the votes.

And yes, some people did vote me, but most of them immediately unvoted. No momentum. Already addressed that everything in Liberty's big post re: me is not true. And when I say not true, I don't mean "These weren't my motivations" but rather "The things described here just never happened." Which is a bit weird when the alleged events were enough to change a vote that seemed to have some strong belief behind it.

And now I'm voting psy because he's scum.

Also, yeah, give people a chance to chime in. That said, if scum wasn't psy, then why have we not had a hammer yet? Interesting...

also, cowboy, you nutbrain. that's the title. I've been pretty apparent I think, as to what it is. it's vanilla town, now stop digging for other people's roles you scum.

Of course you are. You're scum.

Been busy with thanksgiving. I'd like to add that I do not have a kill gourd to win condition. In fact Altiya made it sound like a lone wolf condition that nobody else would have...which makes me question why cave has it. I didn't really see a cave lynch over someone like Psy or cap until now, but I find that incredibly suspicious. There was nothing like that in Fomars flip either...which makes me think cave just took a big risk, or Altiya is lying. Between those two, it's far more suspicious that cave jumped on it.

so, the question that has to be answered is why I would take that risk as scum at all. THE ONLY POSSIBLE BENEFIT of doing this would be if a third power role popped up and said "OH yeah, I have that conditional too," because then that's too many people saying the same thing for any of them to be lying (except the third person possibly piggybacking onto the claim.) The problem with the idea that I would do this as scum is, If I didn't have the thing about hammering Gourd in my role PM, I would have had zero reason to believe that anyone else would chime in to say "Oh yeah that's part of my PM too.
Similarly, people voting me are gonna have to answer why I dropped my psy case from yesterday when he's clearly been the most popular vote for execution today.(the actual reason is that it was predicated on odd flipping town)

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

oh I totally missed that it's 24 hours from now. I only saw 20 minutes and changed my vote cause the votes were tied.


#lynch liberty

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

well psy, it's unfortunate, but it looks like you have to die so I can get closer to my ultimate goal (of killing gourd)


#lynch psy

Sheriff Mafia (GAME OVER)

helpful infographic