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Final Fantasy VI Esper Configaroation

wow...lot of rudeness in this thread. IMO, people should be allowed to configure their espers in any fashion they choose and not be discriminated for it. Whether they want to carefully min/max so they have the highest stats possible, consult a star chart to see whether Venus is in Cancer (And Ramuh is in Edgar as a result), or even try to have fun playing the game, nobody deserves to be othered for their video game choices unless they didn't kill ashley in mass effect, because I just learned in my soc 1010 class that racism is wrong.

Mafia: Round 2 (Lounge/Sign-ups)

Hello, I would like to play, the game. I vote for space station because Garfield is not gonna win and everything else is bad.

Mafia: Witch Hunt

I don't know man. Space station has been done by the Best Posterâ„¢ and Worst Mafia Hostâ„¢, who basically used the entire thing to make his players have the least amount of fun possible while engaging in a masturbatory "bad writing" exercise. I really think you should reconsider Garfield.

Mafia: Witch Hunt

I Think you should strongly consider a Garfield theme.

The Featured Game Thread

You're right. It would be a much better option, IMO, for to feature a sliding ice puzzle marathon instead of the trollish joke rpg which I assume that drunken paladin is. I haven't played it, but that name reeks of brimstone and trolljoke.