That's really interesting, thanks for the in-depth explanation and I totally get where you're coming from re: wanting more interesting interaction with mechanics in the game. If those are indeed mechanics implemented in the game, I would have really liked some sort of indicator that they were happening, because a lot of them just seemed like powerful attacks that came out at random. I'll have a more exhaustive list when I finish the game and draft out my review, but even just something like naming it "Counter Pentagram," or having the boss call out the first time you use ice and make fun of you for using an obvious strategy; some kind of signposting.

(The fiend of wind was extremely tedious when I fought her, as Draekor had a two handed weapon at the time and I ended up having to restart and do the fight over with a spear because it was just implausible to do it without the single dispel the party has access to.)


Thank you for responding, I appreciate the insight into the development process. I disagree that it promotes strategy (why would you bother taking huge counters if you can much more safely, if tediously, win the fight by just using neutral element damage?) but it makes sense that it would be a compromise over years of development and many changes.



He punishes using the game system against him, and incentivizes slowly grinding through his HP when you have a party member whose explicit use is targeting elemental weaknesses??

That is a baffling decision.

e: Yup, I got to the liquid flame and he VERY explicitly counters water attacks for the exact amount of damage he took. What a confusing decision, why else is Vetu there but to hit (fairly rare) elemental weaknesses? It's not like he can use status effects against bosses.


I've been enjoying this so far, and I'm not one to complain about difficulty in RPGs, but I have to admit that the earth fiend nonstop spamming full party instant death when I only have a single item that resists instant death is a little bit bullshit. I'm on my fifth attempt, when most other bosses have been mildly challenging at worst.

e: Took him out on the fifth try. He used Pentagram 19 times, and Meredith had to be spamming Revive every single turn, with Glen/Justin feeding her tinctures and Vetu frantically casting ice spells. That fight seems comically overtuned and if I hadn't put instant death resist on Meredith it would have been impossible.


Left aligning the moon was a good design decision, imo!

This is a severe nitpick, but the katakana you've got there:

a. reads "Final Fantasy II" with no mention of the "Blackmoon Prophecy" part
b. is inconsistent with how the logos usually spell the name, with an elongated ジー at the end.

If you wanted to work it into the design, it would be written along the lines of ファイナルファンタジー ブラックムーンプロフェシーII

Bug Reports

Blood sword was not draining like it should, I can confirm. (Was using on Karina, with the gauntlet.) Blood lance is working fine.

My game just crashed (error in the sideview script) when I tried to have Elysia attack while wielding the slingshot. Even the game doesn't know how to handle a slingshot firing arrows!

Bug Reports

Excellent! Thanks for your quick response.

Final Fantasy: Legend of Balance

Is there documentation of people's unique abilities anywhere? Most of them are self explanatory if you've played other FF games, but some of them are a little unclear.

Karina's Runic: Absorbs the next spell cast on your party (including healing spells!) and Karina gains its MP cost in MP.
Kaayu's Trance: Appears to be an attack boost?
Ashiiee's Rage: You lose control of Ash, and she gains an attack boost. She appears to use her abilities at random during this, so with her painfully low MP you can't really afford that. I used this once earlygame and have not since.
Cassie's Pray: Small, free HP recovery to the party.
Doiden's Study: Hit an enemy for piddly damage and learn any Blue Magic they have.
Fievel's Focus: Charge up, and then attack twice.
Miko's Rawr: Miko is one of my party mainstays and I honestly have no idea what this does. By the icon I'd guess a magic defense boost?
Abelia's Bluff: Recovers a tiny bit of Abelia's HP and MP, and boosts her next spell.
Azran's Jump: Jump off screen for the charge time, then come crashing down for pretty big damage.

At least, that's what I've been able to gather.
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