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Where They Live Review

Thanks for your review. :)


Updated the download file with a minor gameplay tweak, got rid of the setup file, and fixed the RTP flag.

Interesting/Inspiring RPGs

Final Fantasy I: One of the few FF games I've finished, and the only one I repeatedly come back to in various versions/mods. I love the party customization and open-world that you can literally complete in reverse after getting the first Orb/Crystal.

Star Ocean: The Second Story: My jam for a whole summer back when it came out. I filled 2 PS1 memory cards with save files playing through different ways to find all the characters and playing with both mains. The only bit I never finished was the bonus dungeon and the final boss sans limiter.

What stuck with me about the game was the battle system (it was the first action RPG I played) and the "Private Actions" system. You press a button before entering a town you've already visited, and the party splits up, letting you wander as your main alone, seeing new events, and talking with other characters while they're doing their own thing. I felt this was a really neat way to do character building, and a way to have little buddy stories and vignettes without bogging down the main story with them.

"OFF": Throwing in an RPG Maker game, this one holds the honor of the game that made we really want to develop using RPG Maker (especially 2003, seeing what could be done with the engine). It strikes a good mixture of thematic presentation, haunting story telling, and solid gameplay. It also serves as a great example of what can be done to reinforce your game's themes through art and music with a low budget. I also unambiguously love the random encounter music.

How did your first game turn out?

First game I attempted to make was a RPG Maker (PS1) game about psychic samurai. I called it *drumroll* ...


*dies at memory*

Anyway, it didn't get very far. Fast forward to the present, I have an unfinished Game Maker game on back burner, a top-down Zelda-style adventure game, planned to be no longer than 20-30 minutes playtime.

My first actual finished game (Where They Live) I just completed last month. It helped that I made it as part of a game jam, giving me a topic and deadline to work towards. Given that experience, my advice would be to start small and focused for your first game. Even a short experience is valuable, and the thrill of finishing it can jump start other projects.

Mystic Sunrise

Just played through it, and found it a decent demonstration of the engine's features. It's good to know there's so much you can do outside of the standard attack/magic/item gameplay.
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