I made my first game using RPG Maker VX back in 2010, that is what first inspired me
to make games! It has been four years since then and I have graduated from Full Sail
University. I specialize in programming and scripting.



McBacon Jam

@Yuna, @blueperiod and @Hasvers:
You know what, I think I will enjoy working with the three of you.
I've been lurking around this site and unfortunately, I see very few people that use Unity.
Also everyone uses VX Ace now which I do not own.

Although, I'm still a bit new to VX, I have developed multiple games of different
genres and I'm used to working as a team. I feel my programming expertise will
round out this team. =]

McBacon Jam

Name: CalmOne
Main skill: Programming/Scripting, whatever you people call it.
Other skills: more programming(ai, engine, networking and physics), gameplay
Engines/Languages/framework preference: Unity(2 years experience), XNA Framework,
Unreal Development Kit, VX(This is the only RM engine I own), I can even write one from scratch.
I wouldn't mind working with any of these engines.
Prefer to work on: Anything programming-wise especially ai.
I can provide some gameplay ideas and code them out from scratch if needed.
Prefer NOT to work on: Anything not relating to programming or gameplay.
Comment: This seems very interesting, I know I'm probably just a random stranger to
some of you, if not all of you....

I doubt I'll end up on a team if I don't state my experience so here it goes!
(I'm not really the type to show off so I feel a bit weird doing this =p)
I have participated in two Global Game Jams, these are the games
that I have worked on: (Tester, Programmer)
-I'd say this is one of the only successful games that I have worked on.
-We had a fairly balanced team(2 programmers myself included, 2 artists, 1 sound designer, 1 producer) (AI + Movement Programmer)
-This one is.. a bit weird we had a large unbalanced team(7 programmers, 1 artist, 1 sound designer, 1 producer)
-We decided to go full on 3D with this one because of the amount of programmers in our team.
-This was my first 3D game so it was a bit difficult with the restraints of a theme
All of these games were made within 2-3 days(I forget the exact timeframe)

As for RM experience, to be honest I have very little(almost 3 months to be exact):
-Very first game I ever made, which got me into making games in the first place.
-Recently re-started the project, learned RGSS2 and started writing my own scripts.

I would LOVE to participate, but this month alot of things are up in the air for me,
so I'm not 100% sure if I'll really be able to join in or not.. =[

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I like that effect, the position where the death animation splits is very precise
with the slashing animation itself. That makes it look very realistic.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

Sounds awesome, I'm actually quite familiar with Unity. I've worked with Unity for
over 2 years now, and you can build any type of game with it. I've done several short
class projects with it, however what you can do with that engine will mainly come
down to how much experience you have. As programming is extremely important, you will
notice that all of the mechanics you mentioned for all three of your possible games
will have to be programmed from scratch. Yes, you may be able to find scripts for some of them
but they may not be tailored to the game you have in mind.

As for the program itself, and all of its functions I know them pretty well, so feel
free to shoot me a PM! By the way, I can also help with some of the programming
as well if I'm not busy dealing with other things.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@Max McGee - Oh yea, you're right, I don't know how I missed that!

All of those scripts you see, I wrote them myself, after taking the time to learn RGSS2.

Screenshot Survival 20XX

@yuna21 - Wow, those are the most beautiful maps I've ever seen 0.0
@Nemo - That map looks fantastic, I never thought 8-bit could look so nice..
@Craze - Your game concept looks really interesting... It will be funny to see the dialogue
between the kids and watch them duke it out with monsters etc.
@LouisCyphre - Your battle system looks excellent period. I like the look of the
characters and how you have things lined up.

Well, I'm quite new to RMN and RPG Maker VX. I just got back into it after a long 4-yr period.
I'm looking for feedback and suggestions regarding mapping. Here is a little Village I made.

This is a dungeon that I made to test out mechanics that I scripted out.

I'm trying to figure out a way to make my dungeons look better, with that being said I think it's best to explain
what's going on here. I'll do my best without breaking topic rules.
First of all, the player can jump at anytime, which is why there are so many gaps and black empty space.
A good example of using the jump is being able to hop over a fence, trees or a cliff.

Secondly, there are four actions that the player can do, which are a simple basic attack and three Skills
that the player can equip and use on the map. The player can use their basic attack to dispose of rocks and weaker monsters.

I don't want to open up some of the areas, because the way they are setup is vital
to my gameplay. Such as having to time jumps to avoid traps, timing the use of your
Skills to take down monsters if you wish, avoiding monsters if you are low on supplies and don't want to engage in a battle, etc.

Savior of the DreamScape

nhubi pretty much summed up all of my thoughts.
However, there is a missing file error: Audio/BGM/Spring Breeze
in the Sanyangteo Forest, before you progress to the next area,
and I cannot progress any further.

Broken Seal

Download the new Dungeon Test, what you downloaded is the old game!

Broken Seal

Yes, you can set the skills you use in battle via Skill Slots.
You need to select and equip whichever skills you want to use, this makes the
game require a bit more strategy for battles, hence the sheer number of skills
to pick from.

The same goes for normal skills you can pick 3, I'm still working on this part but
you would be able to use those skills outside of battle at anytime. Each skill has
a different effect and can be used to trigger certain events. Such as the rocks only being breakable by using an offensive skill or basic attack on it.

As for the Item screen its going by the RPGVX keys I'll change the display text
to Shift to make life easy.

The Stat Distribution is not off the +16 is from the bonuses from the gear you have on. The costs for upgrades increase as you place more points on stats.
As for the bottom numbers those are the maximum amount of damage you can deal
with Attack and Spirit respectively. The formula is RPGVX default which is x4
your Attack or Spirit, I wanted to keep something simple because this number
is important for breaking rocks and other obstacles.

As for the controls that one thing I wish to fix, I ran out of keys to use for
all of my actions(about 5 total, including the 3 skills). If i have to script my own input, so be it =p.

El_WaKa plays games

You can try my game out if you wish, It is pretty early in development and
I can use some feedback.
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