I'm pretty much up for anything...



Any battler creators out there?

I could, What style of battler though?

One for 2003. I can easily supply the sprite, but could you do one this detailed:

See, this is the one I want made, but I kinda need it like the one I showed you.

(The one on the right.)

I need it bad cause the girl is the main char...

Any battler creators out there?

I need one desperatly for RPGM2k3. There dosn't seem to be many around, but I would like to find a few. The main character dosn't even have her own battler... All information will be givin after I have confirmation that there is someone who might be able to help me.

Need One Battle Sprite

Sorry for not saying please, but I was in a hurry. I currently need this battle sprite for RPG Maker 2003. Currently, I don't have any info because I'm creating a new game and getting rid of the one I am working on now. All I know as of now is that it will be about a bad-ass gunner hunting down the person who's been killing her best friends.

So here's the full sprite(srry it's different from the pic but charas dosn't have the exact outfit...):

Need One Battle Sprite

I only have one thing I need! All I require is a battle sprite of this for RM2k3:

Need One Piece

I've posted on may boards trying to get it! I just need one sketch of this character right here:

It might be complicated since it's small, but it's what I need. Thank you for looking at my post and I await all those artists out there!

Need a Bit of Help with My RM2k3 Game

"A story to fit a Prinny."

Kash, a Prinny and servant of Demon Lord Etna finds himself at a loss after finding what appears to be a clone of his master. Finding a solution would appear to be hard as he meets new friends (look below if you want to help with this...) and fights new evil, all while running from a menace too hard to defeat. As days get dark, a weapon appears from the black of the night, revealing a solution to their problems.



I need a battle sprite maker for my rm2k3 game only because I tried and it ended badly... I might also want a coder, but I have no idea what kind of stuff code can do... I'm currently working on still the first chapter but I have to admit it's hard to do alone. I need battle sprites bad so please help. Thanks for atleast looking over this.

Here's the battle sprite sheets I need made if I could (More than one person could help me. You don't have to do every single one...):

I know it's alot, and I know it's alot to ask, but I need characters that belong to the series I'm making my game from... I'd really appreciate it if anyone could help me. Also, please tell me what kind of stuff coding could do for rm2k3. Thank you.

(If I'm missing CERTAIN pieces of info in this post, please tell me. This is my first time posting on the boards... I'm currently working on a game page but don't have enough stuff yet. Sorry...)