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Character Creation Script???

I know this has been thrown around a lot from time to time, but I was wondering if there was one out there. I dont want a charcter selector, and eventing it just so the player can have what they want would take too long. I was just wondering if there was a script that could give a player the ability to create what they wanted using a database type thing and be able to play with that character. I drew up a little sample of what I would expect something like it to look like, but it dosn't have too:

I've already searched the internet, but couldn't find just what I was looking for. Was just wondering if anybody else could find something like it? :(

Composers out there?

Hello. I'm no good at making music so I thought maybe there would be some good ones out there on RMN. Now my game, Online Forces, is all about an online game. I mean, I want atleast one futuristic sounding track for the title, but then some casual music for stuff like towns and happy, open areas. I don't usually ask for help this way, so if I'm missing any kind of necessary info, please just tell me.

Celestial Alignment Script?

I need a script that kinda mimic's Elder Scrolls Celestial Alignment system (The Tower for example). Like, you should be able to assign one using an event, it would show up in the status screen, and it should give some kind of passive skill(s). I don't know if there is one out there, but I would love it if someone could help me.

Looking for an artist~

(I sure have been asking for a help on these forums a lot lately...)

Anyway! I'm about to complete a demo for my first game, "Lithia." I was wondering if any artist
with free time could create a nice drawing of the main character.

Here is the character I would wish to get drawn:

Venus is a Muse, she uses Music as her weapon. So I was hoping maybe someone could draw
her with a flute of some sort? And since her sprite there dosn't have feet, I figured maybe
she would look good in gold heels?

I would appreciate it if someone could make a full-figured drawing, it can even be a sketch on paper~
I just figured if I were to get art work done, it should be of the main character. I might put it into the title
screen somehow which is why I want this done.

(Note* If this is in the wrong section, because I didn't find an art request forum, hopefully someone will
change it?)

I need an Equipment Lvling Script.

I've been searching for a Leveling script for equipment for awhile and can't find one. Every time I do, it redirects me to a site that the government has blocked. Can someone PLEASE help me find a decent one? I was gonna use it for a specific class weapon set. :p

Just a simple demo question.

I've made alot of progress on my game and all I wanna know is how long should my first demo be? I was thinking maybe an hour?

My own battle system?

I don't know how to do it so I wanna know if it's done through scripts. I just want something to make my game unique. SINCE I'm no good with scripts, I figured if I need to, I could hire someone. I someone would like to help me, just comment or pm me. I don't really know what I want yet so I will think about it~ I got school currently so I gotta think about it later though. Maybe someone could throw me out some ideas I could use?

Level Script?

I only work with RPG Maker VX. Is there any kind of leveling script I can use so my characters can go over level 99? I don't have enough time to look myself in random places because of school so can anyone help me?

Logo anyone?

I'm using an animated title script and need an impressive logo that goes with the color scheme. Heres what I kinda want:

Title: Lithia
Sub-Text: "Like no other..."

The color scheme is blue and white so I'd appreciate it if someone could help me~ I tried but it turned out like crap~

Looking for a Crew! (Scripter, Mapper, Etc.)

I'm currently looking for a crew to help me get my new game off the ground. The game, is called Lithia Freedom. (Engine: RPG Maker VX)

Unlike the other games in the series, Lithia Freedom does not have a story line. Instead, Freedom lets players be just that, free. You will be able to create your character from 2 genders, 4 hair styles, 4 hair colors, and 4 classes. Although the customization is limited, it offers players a chance to create their own characters. In Freedom, players will also be introduced to the Buddy System. The system is put into place inside Recruitment Houses, where you can increase the amount of people in your party. Partake in new quests, new adventures, and new dungeons as you breath the open air when your character breaks free from the ties of the creators and falls into the hands of the players.

If you would like to help in this game where players rule, place just say so. I'm always willing to accept hard workers.

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