Hi there!
I've been gaming for as long as i can remember from Pokemon to the Last of Us i play it all.So i'm here to begin a life long dream of actually making games for others to play.I'm a new-ish artist i've started drawing in the last few years.So maybe i can help out with art in the future.We'll See?!!
I also love writing so if you super talented people out there want a writer feel free to message me.



[RM2K3] [SPRITING] I need some help with a tileset

Thank you for the link Calunio I appreciate it.I'll drop your name in the credits.

[RM2K3] [SPRITING] I need some help with a tileset

Just checking to see if anyone wouldn't mind making a tileset for my short ten minute game that takes place in a modern city setting.It's for the RMN Birthday event.If anyone is intrested message me thanks =)


pilfered graphics or no, i wanna see what you got kid

Couldn't have said it better myself.Good Luck WizQuiz!


Dude! I <3 The art.I want my games to look like that!

Super Toaster X: Learn Japanese

Super Meat Boy crossover anyone?

What are you currently reading?

"listening"(audiobook) to Gooseberry Bluff Community College of Magic : The third rib.


Welcome to RMN.Good luck on the game!

Well, Hi Y'all!

Welcome to RMN.I'm intrested to see what games you create.

Seasoned Voice Over Artist - Andy Cowley - Available for work

Just wanted to say that you're really talented.great work!

What are you jamming to?

This game has some awesome hipster music.
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