Projects to finish before leaving rpg maker:
1)Left Behind 2 - A game about love (A remake, the original was only 80% finished)
2)Route Through Peaks - A game about letting go (60% finished, currently on hiatus)
3)Burnt Ones - A game about criminals (10% finished, I probably will start anew)
4)Chain of Love - A chain game (0% finished)

Fargo :: a playlist on

Games set in Minnesota fer Obvious reasons

  • Cap_H
  • 03/12/2015 08:15 PM

Everyone is Happy
A game of exploration, conversation, television and death
it's a xombpycaplypse
Alex's Scar
Eppicness for RM2k3
Freddie Fedora's Guide t...
Learn how to get all the ladies
Punch Bears
A game to relieve stress
Wheels and the Leg Girl!
Two children play detective, and are kidnapped by aliens to fight drug dealers.
Lily is a game about taking risks and acting on impulses.
Boadas is a normal city, until one night, demons comes and steal stuff. 3 friends who are on a quest to retrieve their stuff, and who then get caught up in something bigger...
One More Year
Do something with your life.
Explore the consequence of fate and chance.
BOUNDD: Winterfest
My submission to Winter Chill Event that I missed the deadline on.
The Brief and Meaningles...
Save the world because we told you to.
A surreal Earthbound inspired RPG with bright neon graphics and a jazzy soundtrack
ovnogesl v3
A short story of a boy who is awakened by a recurring dream
Explore a city, and do what you want. Date a citizen, get married, buy drugs, explore a haunted house, rob a bank, and more. Featuring a day/night system. Choose from one of 36 characters.
Another Day
Escape in this short choice adventure!
Deity Driving
Daft deities deserve holidays, too
Escape! Lemography
You've awoken in a strange place. You have 30 minutes to escape.
Alex Gets Oppai
A laugh at men's lowly desires for oppai.
Stones of Destiny - The ...
Chilean RPG Game using mostly the RTP
Trucker Quest
This game is about Bill. A truck driver that loves his cap!
House of the Haunted
Escape the haunted maze if you dare!
Very Retrouvaille
Help a little ram find their pet rabbit.
Make moral choices that become Universal Laws and define society's morals