Projects to finish before leaving rpg maker:
1)Left Behind 2 - A game about love (A remake, the original was only 80% finished)
2)Route Through Peaks - A game about letting go (60% finished, currently on hiatus)
3)Burnt Ones - A game about criminals (10% finished, I probably will start anew)
4)Chain of Love - A chain game (0% finished)

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Games worth checking from 2019?

  • Cap_H
  • 05/03/2019 08:54 AM

Play as a Barn owl who sets out to become a Hu'mon master.
Grimm's Hollow
A spooky, freeware turn-based RPG where you reap the dead in search of your lost brother.
No Delivery
An employee training video gone wrong.
Phantom Block
Change the world.
Jello and the Valley of ...
Jello the jigglypuff meets a new round friend from the stars! What adventures will they go on together?
Rhythm Music Network
A game about music and the community.
Where The Moon Goes At N...
A freeware RPG about a mysterious island...
Shooty and the Catfish: ...
Go into big business and shoot some "bad guys" with some turn based RPG mechanics!
Turovero: The Celestial ...
A dark fantasy RPG where truth and lies collide and nothing is as it seems.
Rainfall: Final Messages
A game about Rain, Tablets, and Death
Pilgrim's Road
A short post-apocalyptic game with an abrupt ending, made for the aptly titled Abrupt Ending Party Event.
Country of Snow
For the weebs: Yuki no Kuni
A Maned Lioness
Prologue to the life and times of a MtF daughter of lions
Date Knights
Holy Knight and Dark Knight ex-girlfriends on a mission! Game for the Rainbow of Positivity gaymake event!
"Your journey into the land of Cirhena awaits!"
A character driven story of grief, revenge and redemption in this SNES inspired fantasy RPG.
Final Fantasy: Sky Warri...
Prequel to Final Fantasy 1
Steamed Hams, but it's R...
"Well Seymour, I made it, despite your directions"
Crescent Prism: Chapter ...
Perhaps you shall grow into the role one day.
Memories of a Forgotten ...
Scott returns home.
Deadly Woods
Small town mystery / Action RPG
Theia - The Crimson Ecli...
A Fantasy-Sci-Fi J-RPG
Summon four champions from the Realm of Heroes to conquer the dreaded Tower of Darkness!
Shooty and the Catfish: ...
Go into a mine and shoot "bad guys" with some turn based RPG mechanics!
Abyssal of the Opera
During a performance at an Opera House, a rift to the Abyss opens up and an abomination steals the lead singer...
El Arte
You Need To Understand Art In Order To Ascend
Unfinished Stories
Become a hero in this lovingly drawn comic book adventure!