Hello, I am CaptainCat and I hope to make a full game someday. I have literally nothing to say, sorry.

In terms of softwares, I use RPG Maker MV, but I have never made a full game, maybe if I stopped trying to make my first game a big and grandiose project and just made something short about a dude going to a place and doing a thing...
Yeah, that'd be good.

If I ever do make a game and post it, check it out, I guess? If you'd want to, of course, I'd never force someone to play my stuff.



[RMMV] Any "Talk" Command Plugins?

All right, understood.
With all that out of the way, I'd need a way to do the enemy recruiting, and I intended on doing that by having a special armor type called, let's say, "Monster"

There would be a "Monster" equip for basically every non-boss enemy and all of them would grant you a different set of skills. For example, if you wanted to go into an ice dungeon prepared, you'd equip a monster that has ice resistance and fire-based skills, and if the dungeon is full of ghosts, you'd get a monster that allows you to resist a state called, I dunno, "Haunted" so that you have less trouble.

So, using these methods, how would the pacifist rewards be given to the player?
Also, I mentioned "less EXP" earlier, but I don't think that's possible, so, skipping that one entirely, I suppose.

[RMMV] Any "Talk" Command Plugins?

I had absolutely no idea that was, like, a default thing.

But how would I use a script call to check for the "object.meta.type"? Like I said, I'm no good with JavaScript or any programming language, so, I need this sort of basic help

[RMMV] Any "Talk" Command Plugins?

I mean, sure, but then there's the issue that I maybe want different enemies to have, like, different traits and ways of talking, not one unique to every single enemy, that'd be way too ambitious even for me.

Okay, so, maybe not a plugin that makes it simpler to add a talk command or that just does the work (the latter is probably impossible) how about this instead:
A plugin that allows you to add a notetag to an enemy and make it a specific type of enemy, like, for example, a "Beast" enemy or a "Gentle" enemy, and then you could use a plugin command or script call with a conditional branch to check for what type that enemy has, and thus give you unique dialogue and options that can lead to you getting the rewards, from money to a new pseudo-party-member*

I.E.: A Beast enemy would like it if you weren't a wuss and acted tough like them, while a Gentle enemy would prefer it if you asked nicely for whatever you want.

That's probably still a bit complex and specific, but it's a step somewhere, i'd say, whether that somewhere is backwards or forwards is debatable, I guess

*"pseudo" because they wouldn't be an actor, I had a different idea for how the monster recruiting would work, involving a unique armor type

[RMMV] Any "Talk" Command Plugins?

I think the title is kinda self-explanatory.

I'm wondering if there are any plugins that allow for you to talk to the enemy in battle instead of fighting them, I imagine talking to them and winning peacefully wouldn't give you as much EXP, but it could give you other rewards, like more money, a better item or, if you're really successful at negotiating with the enemy, they'd join you and grant new skills, a la Persona 5.

There probably isn't a plugin that does specifically all that, but I don't exactly know JavaScript (or any programming, for that matter) so I'd say I'm in a situation of "any port in a storm", like, I'll use the closest there is, if there's not exactly what I want.

[RMMV] Field Abilities

As one or two of you may know, I'm working on a Kirby game on RPG Maker MV, and one thing I wanted to do was make it so that depending on what copy ability you had equipped on Kirby, you could press the interact button to do something special that'd do a thing to the environment (Bomb ability would place a bomb a la Legend of Zelda, Fire would let you light fuses and melt ice blocks by breathing fire, etc.)

I haven't found much helpful stuff on the subject of this type of ability, so, I'm starting to think it's impossible without really complex custom plugins and java scripting, so, should I just ditch the idea or is there still a way to do it?

If anyone can be of help, thanks in advance.


Hey, I guess I'm enough of a newbie to be making my first post here, at least, a newbie to this site.
So, I'm CaptainCat, and I'm a game dev who constantly tries to do stuff with RPG Maker. My current project is Kirby fangame, the working title is "Kirby: Hero of Popstar" but since it's kinda generic and doesn't describe any sort of good story, I will be changing it.
I'm making the graphics all by myself, they won't ever be winning any sort of "best original graphics" award, but they work.
Here's a screencap of the debug room I built, as an example:

Them graphics are all me, yup. That sounds like I'm boasting about it, oh lawd
Also, if you look at the image URL and see "ponyfan11", that's my DeviantArt name... Oh well
I hope to grow as a game developer as I spend time on here and I hope that crummy screencap gets you even slightly excited to eventually play my Kirbo game.

See ya!
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