I'm a person from New Zealand,
who just got back into making RPG Maker games.
I have started with a project on RPG Maker 95,
a game I am calling "The Trials",
where you progress through chapters,
fighting monsters, finding secrets, all that jazz.

I have come up with name Adventure Productions for a games company name,
possibly may change, website needs to be done, most importantly,
the first game needs to be finished lol...
Look out for "The Trials" in 2020!
I will update ye olde bio here with a thread link,
once I have that done,
with a link to a prerelease demo version...
I have Chapter 1 finishable and 99% made,
I might let prerelease version go to up to 3 chapters,
Full Version will be 20 chapters long,
---- and you'll have to buy that :)

I have got RPG Maker 2000 too,
maaaybe skipping 2003...
Defo skipping XP (rinsed it)...
Can't wait to test playing RPG Maker 2000 games
...on Android!
Got MV to install and try,
after I use 95 and 2000 for a while...
Made many games as a kid,
on a bunch of RPG Maker versions,
sadly never backed them up :'(

Cheers for reading,
I'll keep updating this as more things happen etc. :)

If you want to get in contact,
for game swapping/testing and also-
I make music, I can make MIDI BGMs, MP3 soundscape/battle music, for a price, please message me here rather than e-mail
- I plan to be somewhat active,
however if you do not hear from me,
this e-mail address is preferred:




RPG Maker 95 game under development - "The Trials"


I've just got back into all things RPG Maker,
and I've started a project on RPG Maker 95 again first
(and I hopefully will continue to make it even amongst new projects on different RPG Maker versions...)

I call it "The Trials",
it's RPG / Roguelike blend I like to think,
where you start off with a set plot,
then it's journey onward.

You play Herald, a once peaceful citizen, caught up in some crime,
now are a scorned criminal locked outside the security of the citadel,
you are given the chance at freedom if you complete "The Trials".

As you move through The Trials you will face conjurers,
who will summon monsters you must defeat before they vanish,
monsters that will chase you, trap you...
You'll fiend for finding Gold to buy better weapons and armor,
you'll wonder if you really did find every secret in the chapter...

So, I have a demo version! Just testing the waters here...
It's the latest version before an actual fully unlocked Chapter 1,
with just The Tombs unavailable, just yet...

Download below, hope you enjoy! :D


I might just update this thread on Christmas Day,
with an extended Prerelease Version - possibly limited edition,
which might include up to 5 chapters!
Full Version will be 20 chapters - You'll have to buy that =)

Standard prerelease demo version which will be probably just chapters 1 and 2,
once I've made that much, I'll update this thread with a new link.

Hope you enjoy and let me know how far you get!


Oh yeah screenshots, actually photos taken on my phone,
because printscreen function doesn't work proper...
In this thread this post hear;

Hihihi [ RPG Maker 95 / 2000 / XP was my childhood ]

Well, not all of my childhood, quite a lot though!

Hihi, posting first game since getting back into it all soon,
hope you will enjoy. It is being on RPG Maker 95 and will be 20 chapters long,
Chapter 1 finishable and 99% complete,
I just got RPG Maker 2000 again though and keen to make game on that too,
to also play it on Android!!! :D
Hopefully will still manage to finish the RPG Maker 95 game lol!

Cheers and good to be here! :D

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