I'm 18 and I am a mini gamer! I just started my interest in RPG games by Hetaoni, Ib, To the Moon, and Mad Father! But before that I was playing Alice: Madness Returns until I got stuck on a glitch and had stop the game and figure out how to solve the problem. I love to draw and I hope someday I will be a Comic artist.


Hey you guys...

Hi! I'm Caseydraft001. You guys can call me Edith. I'm 18 and new to the RPG gaming. I actually had an urge to play some wonderful games like this when I watched walkthroughs of Ib, Mad father, to the moon, and Hetaoni. Even a friend of mine was playing a different game wit an RPG style so I had to join in on the fun. I hope I'll meet some awesome people here!

See ya'll!
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