The creators of Oneshot are gonna guest on our podcast! Any questions you want to ask them?


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Fire away!
How do you go about deciding when to break the traditions and norms of game making? When is it useful and when does it hurt? Where do you get ideas for more out-of-the-box game concepts and mechanic ideas?

I ask this mostly because Oneshot has a lot of very interesting gameplay ideas and breaks from tradition in many cases.
Not letting the game be booted up again upon finishing. I know people who think this is a cliche now but it was pretty fresh when Oneshot did it, I think. Not letting the player quit the game comes to mind also, hence Oneshot.

Alt: How does it feel to have your game become viral? Is it more a blessing or curse? Was making a viral game a goal or something that just kind of happened while you were doing your hobby?

Still trying to think of some good quesions but this popped up in my mind first! ^.^;
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