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RMN's Favourite RM Games of All Time List (2019 Edition)

RMN's Favourite RM Games of All Time List (2019 Edition)

What Is This?
List your Top 10 Favorite RPG Maker games (in order) and I will aggregate the scores and add them to this list.

I've done this before in 2014 (link) and then in 2016 (link), so I thought I'd bring it back. Everyone votes for their favouritest games ever, and we create together a shared list aggregated by everyone's collected views. A great many games have been released since 2016, so don't be afraid to include some of those new ones, keeping recency bias in mind.

How it works
  • Post your Top 10 RPG Maker Games (in your opinion) as a comment in this thread, or as many as you can think of.
  • They must be in order of greatness, otherwise I will just assume you listed them in order of greatness.
  • Games on your list must be made using any engine made by Enterbrain. The list does not include games made in Wolf Editor, Unity, Game Maker, or other engines made by third parties.
  • Free and commercial games are both allowed.
  • Episodic games will be judged on a case-by-case basis whether they should be grouped together or not. It will usually be judged by factors such as the length of each episode, and how they are packaged as a whole.
  • Votes for your own game won't be counted lol

When users post their top 10 lists, I will use their lists and edit this top post to include the globalized list of all the most highly ranked games. The games will be ranked according to a simple scoring system, which I will explain below.

Scoring system
Each Top 10 list posted in this thread contains 10 entries, which are in order from #1 (the best in the list), to #10 (the worst in the list). The points awarded to the game for the ranking in each persons' list are as follows:

  • 1st place -- 10 points
  • 2nd place -- 9pts
  • 3rd place -- 8pts
  • ...
  • 10th place -- 1pts

These points will be added to each respective game's total, and the globalized Top RM Games of All Time List will be sorted in order of points the games have earned, from highest to lowest.

RMN's Favorite RM Games of All Time List

1Three Ghostly RosesVXAzDS201649
2Weird and Unfortunate Things Are HappeningVXAunity, MakioKuta, Roden, Sooz, JosephSeraphOngoing37
3=Hero's Realm2k3kentona200927
3=To the MoonXPFreebird Games201127
5A Blurred Line2kLys86200726
6=Romancing Walker2kFlare200121
6=Space Funeral2k3catmitts201021
8=Jimmy and the Pulsating MassVXAHousekeeping201820
8=Prayer of the FaithlessVXARed_NovaOngoing20
10=Remnants of IsolationVXARed_Nova, Sooz, unity201419
10=The Way2kLunCasari200619
12Suzy and freedom2k3calunio201318
13=Dhux's Scar2kErilex200916
13=Luxaren AllureVXAunity, Sooz201516
17=Free SpiritsVXAPentagonBuddy, emmych, Jalen, TDS201511
17=Sunset Over Imdahl2kTeo Mathlein200511
19=Ara Fell2k3BadLuck, Caladium, charblar201610
19=Brave Hero YuushaVXASgtM, SpecialAgentApe201510
19=Creepypasta LandVXALucasBoatods201510
19=Exit FateXPSCFWorks200910
19=Fighting Robots Quest2k3BoulonOngoing10
19=Forever HomeVXAPixel Blade Game200410
19=Legion Saga II2kKamau200210
19=Soul SunderVXARed_Nova201410
19=Theia - The Crimson Eclipse2k3LolloRocketDiver201910
19=Virgo vs the ZodiacMVNana707201810
29=Angels of Exodus2kIllustrious20039
29=Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer2k3calunio20109
29=BoxxyQuest: The Gathering StormXPSpherianGames20189
29=Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle2k3Saint Bomber20129
29=Legends of Illarion 2: Sins of the GodsVXADyluck20179
29=Nora's TaleVXATamFey20159
29=Soma SpiritsVXASgt M, SpecialAgentApe20169
29=Twilight OniXP2010LifeGame20109
29=Vindictive DriveVXABalthasar0220179
39=Crescent Prism: Chapter 1VXASgt M20198
39=EnelysionVXpolarcactus, Ronove20148
39=Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy2k3UPRC20128
39=Final Fantasy: Endless Nova2kDelita Hyral X20028
39=Listen - Just a game.XPDenna20158
39=OFF2k3Mortis Ghost20088
39=The God of Crawling EyesVXHousekeeping20138
48=Finding ParadiseXPFreebird Games20177
48=From Next DoorVXASpaceZeta20167
48=Kinetic Cipher (Again)2k3The Real BrickroadCancelled7
48=Last ScenarioXPSCFWorks2007?7
48=Last WordXPMerlandese20147
48=Lunar Wish: Orbs of FateVXLustermx20137
48=Mailbox KnightsVXAPancaek20167
48=NigSek: A Monster's Tail2kSovanJedi20017
48=Notes on the Etgoesian Crises2k3Eike20137
48=Oneshot2k3Eliza Velasquez, Nightmargin20147
48=Paradise Blue2k3Ocean20097
48=Safety: Life Is A Maze2k3CARRIONBLUE20137
48=The Amber ThroneVXAMissile20157
62=A Very Long Rope to the Top of the SkyVXHousekeeping20136
62=Alter A.I.L.A.2k3Neok20106
62=Clock of Atonement2kdaigo20076
62=Lisa "The First"2k3Dingaling20126
62=LISA: The PainfulVXAdingaling20146
62=Rise of the Third Power2k3BadLuck, CaladiumOngoing6
62=Solar PlatypusVXAkentona20136
62=The Longing Ribbon2kGibmaker20086
62=To Crime NirvanaVXAscitydreamer20176
62=Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea2kDeep-Sea Prisoner20136
62=Witch's Heart2kIZOngoing6
73=After manXPSnowOwl20125
73=Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis2k3Neok20115
73=cat game2k3halcy20135
73=Diary of a Madman2k3DreadedCancelled5
73=Final Fallacy2k3SpoonyBard20115
73=Last Minute GiftVXAunity20145
73=RUIN FRONTIERVXAAethers, Ocean, JIHAUS, Fomar0153Ongoing5
73=The EndVXAAegix_Drakan20155
83=Account MuVXACashmereCatOngoing4
83=AetherionVXAAnaryu, Krisanna, Solitayre, Happy20114
83=Final Fantasy High2k3?2012?4
83=Hero MakerVXRichard_Co20124
83=Love and War: Act I2kAdmiral Styles20124
83=Master of the WindXPstoic, Volrath20114
83=Perspective: Extended EditionVXAoutcry, Seiromem20144
83=Shrink 'HighVXTHEDAIBIJIN20174
83=Sunken SpireVXAIndra, Fomar0153, MakioKuta, Rachael20144
83=The Gray Garden2kDeep-Sea Prisoner20124
83=Toilet in Wonderland2kTeam Nonsense20104
83=White Magic2k3Little Wing GuyCancelled4
96=Abyssal Shine: NevermeltMVFomar0153, Indra, Reverie_Raven20173
96=Cope Island: AdriftVXAzDS20193
96=Extrenia: The Messiah2kChipstouille3
96=Final Fantasy vs. Dog2k3LordBlueRouge, hedge120183
96=Hello CharlotteVXAetherane20183
96=I'm Scared of Girls2k3CARRIONBLUE20113
96=Lakria Legends2k3KoopaKush, estherfunworld, McTricky20173
96=Melon Journey2k3almondmelon20123
96=Monster World RPG2k3Monster_World_RPG20173
96=Pathway: Desire+VXANirwanda20163
96=Pocket Quest2k3Testament20143
96=Star Stealing PrinceVXRonove, Diedrupo20123
109=Backstage2k3Max McGee20082
109=Dear REDVXAsanggameboy20142
109=Hellion2k3kentona, Ephiam20092
109=Journey to the NorthpassXPSgtSteffi20182
109=Mario in Animatronic HorrorVXABonniefan3000, Darkbox20172
109=Red TreesVXACaramel20162
109=Steamed Hams but it's RPG Maker 20032k3LordBlueRouge20192
109=The Age of DeliveranceVXAextravaluemenu20142
109=The Great EmptyVXASnowOwlOngoing2
109=Wait (Extended)VXArest.less Games20152
122=Dawn of Darkness Legends: Nightwish2kSolik?1
122=Flip DimensionsVXAseacliff21720181
122=Game Over QuestMVThomas Cyrix & 7 others20181
122=Nightmare Johnny2k3Red-Cube20131
122=Rezident Evil: It Is Escape2k3twentyfour2420161
122=The Adventure of High School StudentsVXAMr. Detective20141
122=The Frozen World2kLys8620071

Latest user list included: Cap_H @ 06/03/2019 08:26 AM

Cash Streams RPG Maker Games

Hey guys!

Someone told me to create this thread so here I am. I have decided to start streaming RPG Maker games with commentary. It's for fun. I will give a little warning each time before I stream a game, both here and on the gamepage itself. If you would like to request games, just let me know on this topic. I would definitely consider playing them.

For my first stream on this topic, I streamed zDS's game Three Ghostly Roses. It was fantastic.

Click here to join the stream! (you can watch previously recorded streams here)

In Progress
Weird and Unfortunate Things Are Happening by unity

Games I might wanna play
Cope Island: Adrift by zDS (request)
Temple of Memories by Ozzy (request)
X-Noir by stoic, Volrath
Psyche LOCKE by OldPat (request)
Iniquity & Vindication by LockeZ (request)
Forsaken Isle by AtiyaTheSeeker (request)
oddRabbit's first solo game
Epic Monster Dungeon Explore! 2 by Craze
Momeka's gameography

Three Ghostly Roses by zDS
fight for life by Soulrain (demo as @ 3rd May)
Some Theme Roulette 2 games

RMN's (New) Favourite RM Games Of All Time Thread (2016 Edition)

RMN's (New) Favorite RM Games of All Time List (2016 Edition)

What Is This?
List your Top 10 Favorite RPG Maker games and I will aggregate the scores and add them to this list.

In 2014, I created a topic called THE TOP RM GAMES OF ALL TIME. This went successfully, but after a while I realized that a lot of newer games were being neglected from the list, because many had already placed their chips in as to which they liked, before new ones came along. In short, the aim was to collate a list of the greatest RPG Maker games of all-time... but everyone has different opinions. The question has been asked before, but I want to be able to create a shared list aggregated by everyone's collected views. Plus, there have been many excellent games released since that thread was active, so I have decided to create a new one to attempt to fill that gap.

How it works
  • You are to post your Top 10 RPG Maker Games (in your opinion) as a comment in this thread, or as many as you can think of.
  • They must be in order of greatness, otherwise I will just assume you listed them in order of greatness.
  • Games on your list must be made using any engine made by Enterbrain. The list does not include games made in Wolf Editor, Unity, Game Maker, or other engines made by third parties just because the list might grow very broad, very quickly.
  • Free and commercial games are both allowed.
  • Episodic games will be judged on a case-by-case basis whether they should be grouped together or not. It will usually be judged by factors such as the length of each episode, and how they are packaged as a whole.
  • Votes for your own game won't be counted lol

When users post their top 10 lists, I will use their lists and edit this top post to include the globalized list of all the most highly ranked games. The games will be ranked according to a simple scoring system, which I will explain below.

Scoring system
Each Top 10 list posted in this thread contains 10 entries, which are in order from #1 (the best in the list), to #10 (the worst in the list). The points awarded to the game for the ranking in each persons' list are as follows:

  • 1st place -- 10 points
  • 2nd place -- 9pts
  • 3rd place -- 8pts
  • ...
  • 10th place -- 1pts

These points will be added to each respective game's total, and the globalized Top RM Games of All Time List will be sorted in order of points the games have earned, from highest to lowest.

RMN's Favorite RM Games of All Time List

1To the MoonXPFreebird Games201146
2The Way2kLunCasari200645
3Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis2k3Neok201142
4Oneshot2k3mathew, Nightmargin201441
5Luxaren AllureVXAunity201540
6=Exit FateXPSCF200938
8Space Funeral2k3catmitts201035
9Hero's Realm2k3kentona200934
10=Last ScenarioXPSCF200733
10=A Blurred Line2kLys86200033
12Free SpiritsVXAPentagonBuddy, emmych201531
13Yume Nikki2k3Kikiyama200430
14Dhux's Scar2kErilex200929
15=Remnants of IsolationVXARed_Nova, unity, Sooz201428
15=Star Stealing PrinceVXDiedrupo, Ronove201228
17Three the Hard Way2kiishenron200326
18OFF2k3Mortis Ghost200722
19=Corinne Cross's Dead & BreakfastVXAbadchalk201519
19=Nocturne: RebirthXPCogwheel200919
19=Sunset Over Imdahl2kTeo Mathlein200519
22=Leo & Leah2k3Strangeluv201118
22=Helen's Mysterious Castle2kSatsu201218
24=I Miss the SunriseXPDeltree201217
24=Paradise Blue2k3Ocean200917
27=Brave Hero YuushaVXASgtMettool201516
27=Wine & RosesVXACraze201216
29=Last Minute GiftVXAunity201415
29=Suzy and freedom2k3calunio201315
31=Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer2k3calunio201014
31=Hellion2k3kentona, Ephiam200914
31=Forever's End2k3NicoBOngoing14
34=Kinetic Cipher (Again)2k3The Real BrickroadCancelled12
34=Romancing Walker2kFlare200112
34=Sunken SpireVXAIndra,Fomar0153,MakioKuta,Racheal201412
38=Ara Fell2k3BadLuck201611
38=Demon Legacy2k3Nightblade200811
38=Weird and Unfortunate Things are HappeningVXAunityOngoing11
38=Stray Cat CrossingVXAjurlo, jetpackgoneOngoing11
42=Angels of Exodus2k3Illustrious200010
42=Crystalis: Sonata of the Far-Away Sky2k3AveeOngoing10
42=Devil Hunter 2: Seeker of Power2k3Ski200410
42=Halloween BashVXARacheal, MakioKuta201310
42=Master of the WindXPArtbane, Volrath201110
42=Seraphic Blue2kTempura200410
42=Soul SunderVXARed_Nova201410
42=Spirit in the Mirror2kMirroredSpiritOngoing10
42=The Book of True WillXPNeverSilent201410
42=The Sword and the Fish2kScumdrop200610
42=Chrono Trigger 22k3?200810
54=Last WordXPMerlandese20149
54=Notes on the Etgoesian Crisis: Plus2k3Eike20139
54=Pandora's PresentVXAByah20159
54=Phantom Legacy (Redux)2k3Nighblade20139
54=Prayer of the FaithlessVXARed_NovaOngoing9
54=The Amber ThroneVXmissile20159
54=The Heart Pumps ClayVXAHousekeeping20149
54=Memories of Mana?Atelier RGSS20109
54=Touhou - Wandering SoulsVXEstheone20139
54=LiEat 2VXAMiwashiba20149
64=Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle2k3Saint Bomber20108
64=Halloween FlopVXARacheal, MakioKuta20138
64=Legion Saga Series2kKamau20018
64=Love and War: Act I2kAdmiral Styles20128
64=Revenant Gods - Ragnarok ChronicleXPLuZi, Neoz Kaho, BoNAlliance, Tasuku13Ongoing8
64=X-NoirVXAArtbane, Volrath20158
64=The Sacred Tears TRUEVXAAlphaNuts20148
74=Clouded Heart2kkarlmh20067
74=Legend of Shenja - Genesis Innocens2k3Sky Render20087
74=Oh! Ko!VXAGeoff Moore20147
74=Quintessence: The Blighted VenomXPReivesOngoing7
74=Set DiscrepancyXPGibmakerHiatus7
74=Sorceress Quest2knetwarriorOngoing7
74=Starless Umbra2k3dragonheartmanOngoing7
74=The ReconstructionXPDeltree20097
74=Visions & VoicesVXCraze, Karsuman20097
74=I'm Scared of Girls2k3CARRIONBLUE20117
74=Pokemon: Insurgence???7
87=cat game2k3halcy20136
87=Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages2k3udivision20106
87=The LogomancerVXAEdoAnimus20136
87=Whisper of a RoseXPRosePortal Games20146
87=Final Fantasy Blackmoon Prophecy2k3UPRC20126
87=Kindred Saga2k/2k3??6
87=Subterranean StarfieldVXAArcheia_Nessiah, Rhyme20156
87=Happy BirthdayVXATearsOfNightfall20126
96=Dragon Fantasy2kEphiam20105
96=Epic Elf (2013)2kspirit_young20125
96=Eternal EdenVXBlossomsoft20085
96=Heresies of DiscordVXAAegix_Drakan20155
96=Mogeko Castle2kMogeko20125
96=Razed are the PowerfulVXAGourd_Clae, Minnow20145
96=The Astonishing Captain SkullAGScatmitts20105
96=Jay's Journey2kHeroicJay20025
96=Rose Chronicles2k3Legacy001?5
96=The Witch's HouseVXFummy?5
107=A Butterfly's Song?Natrius20034
107=Cope Island (IGMC Version)VXAzDS20144
107=Do You Remember My LullabyXPReives20094
107=Dreaming MaryVXaccha20144
107=Homework SalesmanVXADiedrupo, Ronove20134
107=Legend of Heroen2kSoeufans20124
107=Perspective: Extended EditionVXAoutcry312, Seiromem20144
107=The DropVXADeltree20134
107=Think Outside the BoxVXPokemaniac20134
107=Until My Finest Hour???4
107=Standstill Girl2kSky Scraper Project?4
120=Aurora Wing2kDfalcon20073
120=Chrono Alter2k3Lance VII20103
120=Labyrinthine DreamsVXAArtbane, Volrath20133
120=Lost Legacy2k3MayorAnime20093
120=Speak No Evil2k3LouisCyphre20093
120=The Age of DeliveranceVXAextravaluemenu20143
120=Touhou Mother2kS20093
120=Vampires Dawn - Reign of Blood2kDaniNineTeenEightyFive20023
120=Obelisk: DevilkillerVXACraze20123
131=A Bird StoryXPFreebird Games20142
131=Cyber Factor2k3Leric20042
131=Finding EdenXPSailerius, HireiOngoing2
131=Iron Gaia series2kMax McGee20042
131=Lands of Lunori2k3JennaCancelled2
131=Legend of the Philosopher's Stone2k3xxNemesis29xx, Litearc20082
131=Okiku, Star ApprenticeVXAMarrend20142
131=Resonate ~call out my angel~VXAJosephSeraph20152
131=The God of Crawling EyesVXHousekeeping20132
131=Wilfred, the Hero2k3maladroithimOngoing2
131=NigSek: A Monster's Tail2kSovanJedi20072
131=Always Sometimes MonstersVXAVagabond Dog20142
144=Backstage2k3Mac McGee20051
144=Fleuret Blanc.XPMerlandese20121
144=Legendary Legend2k3Sibhod20081
144=Legion Saga2kKamau20011
144=Reality Breakdown2kkamain?1
144=The Book of Three2kLys8620071
144=Cosplay CrisisXPPuddor20111
144=Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's RealmVXADark Gaia20141

Latest user list included: DaniMally 07/25/2016 11:21 PM

2015 "Official" Misao Predictions/Discussion Thread

It's that time of the year again, and we're getting nearer to the Misao Awards. Whether you have played many or few games this year, feel free to discuss which games deserve to nab each award category, or explore the variety of games discussed. Don't forget to point out underrated gems, and explain their strengths/weaknesses. Provide exposure for games that would otherwise go under the radar. This is a free discussion; everyone's opinion is valued. Try not to self-promote or discuss your own games, and definitely don't hesitate to download and play some of the titles that catch your eye. Overall, have fun!

Note: Feel free to suggest new additions to the list.

No, you can't date the Dragon.
Blank Dream is a freeware horror-exploration game by Kanawo (of Teriyaki Tomato) made in RPG Maker VX Ace.
Why does the jackal run from the rain?
What better way to spend an evening than gathered around listening to a classic tale of a brave hero saving a princess from a sinister demon lord bent on ruling the world?
A multi-path game of research and management.
Explore an abandoned moon lab after a very unusual accident...
An RPG-Maker Point n Click Adventure. A tale about games, darkness and memories.
The story of Escalia starts 21 years after Caelmor's defeat and follows Fayhe Corin, Olivia's magically gifted daughter, and her friends Lumia and Seyfer as they find themselves in a series of unfortunate events that could spiral out of control quickly and will decide the fate of the whole continent.
A Final Fantasy fangame that faithfully recreates the mechanics of classic Final Fantasies, with a light-hearted feel.
InFree Spirits, you’ll bump up against bootleg brewers, visit with vain vaudevillians, and come across even more colourful characters. Using your silver tongue, intimidation, and even baked goods, it’s your job to convince ghosts that it’s time to make like the wind and blow on outta the land of the living.
You play the role of someone overseeing and influencing the actions of five survivors during the very first day of the end of the world.
Gather clues, discover useful items, and slay foes in swift 1-on-1 battles to uncover the full mystery of the Shrine.
Two Brothers gain the power to witness the adventures inside of their books.
An evil Politician has gained immeasurable power. Defend the world from evil!
The puppetman is a creature that wanders the earth, unseen by almost everybody who is not close to death, but always ignored.
To retrieve the king's scepter, Nora has to set out to get the Spirit Blade, the only weapon that can kill the Mirror Queen.
Fight monsters under the bed to save a dying world.
Is Ally willing to risk her life for the people that abandoned her in the first place?
A girl wakes alone in a forest, a voice telling her to nurture The Tree in order to regain her memories and return home.
It should be just another easy paycheck, but sometimes, the same old story turns out differently.
This is but another story of struggle and humanity in the infinite vastness of the Frontier.
Three foolish mercenaries go on a journey for fortune.
A sci-fi RPG Maker 2003 game using only RTP, oh my.
~kawaii style dungeon crawler~
EVILGOD has stolen all adults... now it's up to the kiddos.
The Last King of Hyrule is RMN's collaborative Zelda game made in SMBX, playing like a cross between Zelda 2 and Mario 3.
Two Heroes save the world!

How do you balance skills/monsters/items/chests/equipment?

For the first time ever, I'm involved in a type of game I've never tried before in its entirety - the RPG. I was wondering how you guys go about balancing skills, monsters, items, equipment and so on to make battles make sense with respect to the difficulty curve? Is it just a trial and error thing, changing numbers where your common sense believes they need to be changed? Or will that end up in a messy battle system that doesn't make sense? I understand where some of the strategy comes from with regard to skills and status, MP cost and single target vs. all, and there's probably tons of articles on the subject, but I'd like to know what's your personal experience with battle systems and how to improve and/or approach it in the best way?

The Religion thread

Hey guys!

The purpose of this topic is to provide a civil, informative, respectful and welcoming environment where people of diverse beliefs can discuss, compare and debate. Posts while debating and discussing different beliefs must be done in the spirit of productivity. If a person's main goal is to undermine a set of beliefs by creating unproductive posts/threads/responses to others, etc, then they will be edited or removed and subject to moderation. I have been given permission by a moderator to post this topic.

Here are a few rules that I think we should all agree to abide by.


1. Personal attacks. This is a place for rational critique of ideas, not persons. If you are seen to be disproportionately attacking a person rather than their ideas, that is not encouraged. The ideal state of argument would be a relatively peaceful exchange of ideals, reasoning and persuasion.
2. Trolling or bullying. Deliberately inflammatory and/or unconstructive posts in order to provoke a vehement response from other users is not allowed. Neither is deliberately altering the words of another member to intentionally change their meaning. Ideally, all posts should be constructive exchanges, designed not to needlessly offend or provoke people.
3. Normal forum rules. They can be found here.

[Poll] Where do you write your dialogue?

Hey guys

How do you write your dialogue? Do you write it in a .txt file outside the editor, and import it in, or do you write it right into the editor? If outside first, do you write all NPC dialogue too, and if so, how do you structure it?

Do you make scenes up as you go, or do you have a fair idea of what scene should be where before you even open a new project file?

Myself, I don't have much experience writing stories for RPG Maker or even outside of it, so I don't have a set method. But how do you do it?

Kanye Quest 3030 Secrets Revealed

What the heck is this...

Apparently the game is an elaborate recruiting tool for a new age cult...

Also, prepare for the incoming wave of Kanye Quest 3030 downloads to test this out. I can see it's already in the buzzing section.

Using common events to make life easier

This mini tutorial, which I did not deem substantial enough for a full article, is aimed at intermediate to expert developers. It is particularly aimed at gameplay-intensive games such as puzzle games, but can be extended to any genre of game made within the RPG Maker engine and perhaps beyond, if you replace the word "common event" with "function".

You can use common events to make game development more quick, efficient and easy when you want to be able to alter the shared functionality of a set of events. Here are some ideas for using common events.


1. Player transfers, or teleports. By storing these in common events you can alter default Fade type, SE and other specifics of transfers for all move-related events. Just use the "Designation with variables" option in the "Transfer Player" command and call this common event after assigning Map ID, Map X and Map Y variables. If "Direct designation" is preferred, just standardize the Move SE using a common event, as well as before/after transitions, stated in point 2.
2. Before/after transitions. Use these to standardize fade outs/fade ins before/after the teleport events. What I recommend is a "Tint Screen" to black, and use "Transfer Player" with "None" Fade, followed by a "Tint Screen" to normal colour.
3. Puzzle items such as crates or boulders. This is more the case with puzzle games, but I believe it makes life easier for any game. To standardize the behaviour of objects in your universe, assign a common event that defines that behaviour. For example, if a boulder will roll until it hits a wall, and then makes a sound at the end, create this functionality in a Common Event and duplicate it for all boulders, so that if a new puzzle mechanic comes up that requires you to modify the boulders' behaviour, you don't have to go through every single boulder and copy-paste the relevant code. This improves modularity and the ability to modify all boulder code using one event. This hopefully will speed up game development, and make it more robust and understandable.
4. Save points, victory/flee/defeat conditions in scripted battles. You can standardize save points, and what happens if you win/flee/lose scripted battles.
5. Reset map. Again, mostly useful for puzzle games. Create a common event that teleports you to another map and brings you back to the origin spot, possibly resetting self switches in the process, if required. The script I use to reset all self switches in a map is as follows:

class Game_Interpreter

def reset_self()
50.times {|event_id| $game_self_switches[[@map_id, event_id, "D"]] = false }
50.times {|event_id| $game_self_switches[[@map_id, event_id, "C"]] = false }
50.times {|event_id| $game_self_switches[[@map_id, event_id, "B"]] = false }
50.times {|event_id| $game_self_switches[[@map_id, event_id, "A"]] = false }


This allows you to call "reset_self()" in a "Script" event command to reset all self switches on a map.

And now I'm going to give you another weird tip.


Use an "@" sign before a variable name to declare it private to an event. For example, in an event you may assign name, age and gender to an NPC, as follows:

In the first Conditional Branch, the script check "@init.nil?" checks if the private variable "@init" exists. If it does, it initializes "@name" as "John", "@age" as 16, "@gender" as "M", and "@init" as true, which is to indicate that initialization has occurred. This is so that the next time you interact with this event, it won't reset the age back to 16.

The next Conditional Branch checks if you are 18 or older. It uses the script "@age >= 18", which means "is the private variable "age" greater than or equal to 18?". If that is true, it displays a message saying you're an adult. Else, it displays a message saying you are not an adult yet.

Next, it asks if you would like to age one year, and then if you say yes, it will increment the "@age" variable by 1.

If you interact with the event 3 times and say "yes" the first 2 times, it will tell you that you're an adult. This is because the "@age" variable would have been incremented by 1 twice, leading it to equal 18, which satisfies the conditional branch "@age >= 18".

The advantage of using private variables over public variables is that you can literally copy-paste this event multiple times, and not have to change a thing. If you used public variables and tried to copy-paste this event severally, these events would share the same public variable, and you'd have to change every single one of them. But when you use private variables, there is no need to modify each event.

You can combine this with the advice I gave above by storing the event code for a "Teenage Boy" type of event in a Common Event. This standardizes the behaviour for "Teenage Boy" and makes it easily modifiable. Thus you can copy "Teenage Boy" wherever you like and he'll work.

Note that this is more useful for objects that do not exhibit unique behaviour, like crates or boulders or save points.

There's a very important confession I have to make

Hello RMN,

There's a very important confession I have to make. Some of you will be more affected by this than others, though I hope that you will not be too offended by this and in fact I think most of you will be merely surprised. Although there may be a few exceptions. I have PM'd the moderation team regarding this matter previously, and we have sorted various things out, but the basis of it is that I broke the rules. CashmereCat is not my first account I have created. In fact, I have created three since I joined this site.

The accounts have been: thatbennyguy, CashmereCat and Loser.

I did not create these accounts for the intention of cross-promoting in any way, or tampering with any results. I merely adopted the name CashmereCat when I wished to move away from some aspects of the account thatbennyguy, and perhaps even some obligations. I regret to say that one of the reasons was that I was in a couple of team projects and I over-committed, and I wanted to be able to create something else without them knowing because I was becoming quite depressed. Eventually I told the team what happened and they were understanding. I do not remember exactly why I created the "Loser" account, but I proceeded to write reviews on that also, perhaps to a lesser extent.

This does not mean I do not acknowledge that my breach of the site's rules was wrong. The creation of multiple accounts on this site is still forbidden. I confessed to the moderation team my offense, wishing to own all punishment that that requires. I still await response from the forums, where the same thing has occurred, except only with 2 accounts over there.

In short, the moderation team was very graceful enough to let me continue being a part of the community, to which I am very grateful. They say that I may continue to use the site as long as I stay restricted to the one account, which they let me choose, and I chose this account obviously - CashmereCat. I have made the most friends using this account, as I'm sure a lot of you know.

The other two - thatbennyguy and Loser - will be permabanned, and their submissions denied. As for the games and reviews and articles associated with thatbennyguy and Loser (there are actually quite a few), the moderation team gave me the choice to resubmit all reviews, games and articles as CashmereCat, which may explain a huge influx of reviews that are about to be approved. These are all old reviews, and the only thing that is lost is the comments appended to these reviews, of which I hope nobody is too affected by.

I apologize for the inconvenience that my actions may have caused, but I promise never to do it again, and I'd like to also confirm that every single person I have befriended on any of my accounts is still a friend in my eyes, just as completely.

I love this community and its individual members very much, and I thank you for the very constructive words you've said to me over the past. Hopefully this confession will only bring good instead of bad, and I promise that I will be pretty much nearly completely honest with you from now on. Maybe at least 50% of the time. :)

Yours truly,
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