Liberty's favourite waifu.
Has a market value of approximately 4 Touhou girls and a catgirl.
Wolf's Gang
This is a sample game created in "RPG Maker MZ" by Caz. As a monster, build up your army to take revenge on the heroes in this classic Fantasy RPG.



CATFE Review

Thanks for the honest review!

Quest Twilight Prince Prophecy Chronicles Review

This review hurt my soul so much that I had to go rewatch Libby's LP to regain my Twilight Wings.

OK CAN!!!!!!!


Thanks for the review, I appreciate the feedback!

I'll definitely be changing the bullets to be more noticeable if and when I ever update this project.. which.. may not be soon.. BUT I'LL TRY.

Happy Birthday, Syrn! Review

AHAHAHA thanks Libber! I really appreciate your uh.. cake design.. yes..

MAYBE ONE DAY, perhaps even for Nessu's next birthday, I'll improve upon the game somehow. Deffo with music and sounds though, that's for sure!

Ocean's Dream Review

This was a fantastic read, thanks Addit! I was thinking the exact same as Cash: did it take you longer to write this than it did for us to make?!

Nessy's art was done in an instant. I think she did all of it genuinely in like half an hour. Maybe less. I looked away for A SECOND and boom, there was art.

Ocean's Dream Review

Hahah I'm glad you enjoyed, despite the repetition of the gameplay! If I'd had more time, I would've put a lot more effort into the work minigame for sure. Maybe something a little less about button mashing, more about Ocean having to answer the phone, run back and forth with boxes, etc..

Thanks for the review! I appreciate your words! :D

The Eldritch Woods Review

Thanks for the response! :D It's good to see a developer taking all the criticism into consideration, and I'm really happy to see you intend to work on everything!

All in all, don't take the review's numerical score into much consideration, as I also have yet to play a lot of the other games so I'm staying quite low in the numbers for now.

This was a good start of a game, and I'm excited to see what you do in the future.

Cherry PrInEcess Review

Ah yes I recall that booboo actually, haha.. not one of my better ideas, I will admit! Last I looked at the project, I was still fiddling around with those minigames, but mayhaps I'll look into uploading that version in the near future!

Cherry PrInEcess Review

Hahaha thank you so much for the review! I actually completely agree with pretty much everything you said!

I don't know why exactly I thought making this game super long and tedious would be such an amazing idea, but apparently I need a retroactive slap in the face. A lot of the issues were either to do with the fact it's made with Ace Lite or that I made the game in about two evenings.. which.. probably isn't much of an excuse considering the 8 hour contest recently, BUT HEY OH WELL.

As for your questions:
1. you have to "hold" escape because Lite is a poop and wouldn't let me use scripts to make button pressing easier. Ace is not the friendliest when it comes to button pressing.
2. the health in town is also a good idea that past-Caz needs a slap in the face for (that's two already, I'm not doing so great here!)
3. throwing pies should give you money, though I can't remember if I put that in the downloadable build or if that's something that came in later.. but I definitely have a build where gameplay is significantly improved somewhere. One change is that the fence in the middle of the road (yes that's totally an Australian thing) is removed and it opens the way to a minigame area where you can earn more stuff.
4. I guess the hearts could be considered to damage the tree because it's a Tree of Inequality.. kinda like zombies and healing magic?

But thanks so much for taking the time to review! I really appreciate everything you said! :D

Not a Chance of a Ghost! Review

Thank you for the review, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Perhaps if I get the time in Halloween 2015, I could make a revisit to this and add in some new content promised in the dead gamepage comments. I will definitely take your feedback into account if that happens! :D
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