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Wolf's Gang
This is a sample game created in "RPG Maker MZ" by Caz. As a monster, build up your army to take revenge on the heroes in this classic Fantasy RPG.


Map Your Life!

Hey guys!!

We had an idea in one of Liberty's streams where we got a thread going on RMN and everyone maps their bedroom or a room in their house and shows it off here!

You can map whatever so long as it's a location from YOUR PERSONAL LIFE. Map it in an engine, parallax it, hand draw it like an RPG map, whatever you fancy! You can use any RTP or custom graphics if you'd like!

It can be any style (top-down, sidescroll, ANYTHING) just so long as it looks like something from your world that's been remade in a game!

This is my bedroom, which is an attic room with a little window at an angle on the roof:

Forum Game: One Letter Off

So this is a wordy game which keeps me sane in work, where you take the title of a movie/TV series/book/play/whatever and take away ONE LETTER. You then provide a description for the resulting movie/TV series/whatever. The aim is to make something funny, and it usually works best with the media types I suggested.. but I suppose other things may work. Keeping to titles people are familiar with helps, because it won't be funny if no one's ever heard of it.

You remove one letter. Not add one, not change one, not add two.. just remove one letter.

You don't have to provide just a description - you could make up a quote from it or anything to get across how funny the title should be to everyone. You could even make pictures if you wanted to. It can be as short or in-depth as you like, just be as humourous as you can.

Here are some examples:

Lice in Wonderland: a young girl must fend off a parasite outbreak after bringing nits to a new land.

Liver Twist: a heartwarming tale of alcoholism. "Please sir, can I have some more?"

A med school student finds work as she struggles to make ends meet in classic British drama: Doctor Ho.

A diseased Propane salesman rules an army of people with the sniffles: King of the Ill.

A woman realises she has made a catastrophic mistake in tracking her time of the month in 28 Days Late.

Ciderella - two women get so drunk they can't get their shoes on, but their cider-drinking sister remains sober enough to face the challenge.

Battling in games, but.. why?

I am having a huge amount of trouble lately: I wanna make a game, and I think of this fantastic idea for its storyline and what's gonna happen but then.. where does fighting come into it? SHOULD fighting come into it?

I mean, most successful games include lots of fighting. In particular I wanted a very Persona-esque game where you'd live life through school and do fun stuff, but in your free time go through a dungeon and fight a big boss every now and then. It's pulled off so wonderfully in Persona 4 that it fits into the story seamlessly.

When it comes to my own ideas after that, I struggle to think of a reason why the party would be fighting at all, particularly in such a modern setting as with the Persona games.

But should there even be fighting in the game? Especially as it IS set in a modern world, where much fighting doesn't really happen anymore. Would that be less fun or awesome if there was no fighting at all? What would your party do instead to level up/have fun/save the world?

Would Persona have been less fun if you didn't fight? Or even the Final Fantasy games? Are their reasons for going out and KILLING things good enough? Are their reasons for monsters even appearing in the world good enough? What other games are there with no fighting, where the character still does something in order to gain experience?

Give me your delicious thoughts.
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