What theme do you use?

Modified version of GUIRelax with a Hyaku Shiki wallpaper.

It looks very snazzy overall. :D

What browser do you use?

Opera, myself. One thing people don't realize is that the interface is easily customizable -- I tweak my interface the moment I install it. :P

If I need to use ActiveX or something else which is broken in Opera, I'll use Firefox, but usually Opera's just fine -- much better RAM consumption, too.

RPG MAKER 2000 - Still Kicking

I for one actually own a real copy of RPG Maker 2000, it's just that using said original version would hardly work with most people, so I do most of my work in Don Miguel's version even so. :D;;

GamingW.net hosting game making contest, 450$ of prizes available!

As much as it would've been inspiration to get my strategy RPG engine finished for it, I think I'll pass. It's just ridiculous, even though I can think of a way to get a panda involved. A weird involvement, but yeah.

Pregnant Man

I love you guys. <3 Well, except demondestiny. But this is certainly a hell of a lot better than how I've seen several places and people handle it even so.

Believe me, demondestiny has not even touched on the level of bigotry I've seen in response to this article. D:

Game Inspirations?

IRC Project SE was my primary inspiration behind Clever RPG, and a desire to put forth a more compelling and plot-filled game has made me start work on a strategy RPG engine that's seperate.

RPG MAKER 2000 - Still Kicking

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One thing about RM2k, is that the battle system isn't totally bugged out like RM2k3's. You really have to work at RM2k3's to get it working well.
Yes, absolutely. When I first gave 2003 a shot, I was utterly frustrated at the inability for turn counts to sync up between battle events and enemies at all, but after abandoning it, I thought of a simple switch-based workaround on a whim. Bah, timing. :x

your game features

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One of my games is a strategy RPG like Fire Emblem and Shining force.
It's pretty basic, but hopefully someone will enjoy it.
Working on a strategy RPG? It's too bad you're presumably doing it on one of the Ruby-based RMs, from what I could tell of your screenshot, or I'd love to trade notes with you on the matter. I've been working on a little 2000-based strategy engine that I feel is really making some progress, though I've been doing my own little thing while out of tune with the RPG-making community for so long that I don't know how far anyone's gotten with the strategy-RPG genre in the 2000/2003 field.

RPG MAKER 2000 - Still Kicking

RPG Maker 2000 remains my favorite even in the face of VX, and especially so against XP -- while XP had a good musical score for a good portion of its RTP music (especially compared to 2003's), it just felt too much like a revised 95 with a scripting system.

Though 2003's chipsets are quite decent, even if a little tweaking's necessary to get back some things that 2000 did better still.

I'm just a retro geek, I guess. Unable to let go of what's closest to the resolution range I love the most. :D;; Also, personally, when I feel I need to move beyond this hobby and pursue something greater, I'll leave behind the RPG Maker series and just use real code... Though I'd prefer to be in a design role anyway, but coding's a good start.

your game features

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3. Um... pandas? Wait, no pandas, scratch that.

:o Oh wait, you said no pandas. You got my hopes up. :'(
Fine, I'll sneak a panda into the game just as a shout-out. :p
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