hmmm I love robots, starships, tanks, futuristic settings, magic, pink... a nd Iam rather extreme about all that -^.^-



Cecihoney is back (used to be Clest too)

Yeah, used to be xD
Now just Ceci -^.^- Life is crazy xD

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

One thing is an RPG about trucker girls delivering cargo across their continent... which is kinda violent filled with crime, and to survive doing that they need good skills and heavily armed trucks which transform into mechs... yeah xD

Also a game about me and feelings, short stuff, mostly a princess who fell from her "sky world" full of machines into a low tech strange land where is is just a nobody and a misfit...

Cecihoney is back (used to be Clest too)

So yeah... been here years ago... then had a lot of commissions and no time to make my own stuff and I promised myself once I had a game I'd come back and turns out I made a game alone in 2 days in 2018but life was still harsh (still is :P )

But back I am! Cecilia, a.k.a Cecihoney! Pixelartist, kinda writter, kinda game designer, totally concept artist! Love mechs (giant robots) and cute ribbons!Such a crazy girl -^.^-

I started a Youtube channel about pixelart and mechs xD

Here is my artstation thingy:

Oh and my first game:

And my itch.io:

RMN Pixel Quilt

I can drop what I had of mine :<

B2 :<
/me throws hands up in the air.

I'd say I'd retcon it after the tile above was finished but that's probably to blaspheme against the way of the quilt or something?

You exceeded my expectations, love the cannon arm pointing forward S2 works perfectly with the body design :) with that, screw the empty space, thats great as is :)

RMN Pixel Quilt

It worked wonders by my standards hehehe

RMN Pixel Quilt

I'm doing B5. Initially thought "oh that'll make my life easier now" after you posted A5. After zooming in I have changed my mind about that statement ._.

Well I would have prefered to take on the challenge of working after you and A4 had worked, but meh got in an art rush and gave up on waiting XD

So have fun mwahahahahaha *evil laughter and flies off on a small flying saucer*

RMN Pixel Quilt

I was going to wait for my neighbors to post but yeah... there goes, mech and pink and neon and stuff... wonder what kind of left shoulder/arm will B5 give to this thing :P

What elements from existing games would you like to see reused?

That is pretty much how I like secrets to be, tied to engaging exploration or to the core plot through hints whjich you may or may not pursue, but don´t seem random :P

What elements from existing games would you like to see reused?

You pointed youself half of what I was to reply :P Yeah, I love exploration, but I love it when the setting is interesting, the places are interesting, there are fun things to do and NPCs feel like people (in which Jrpgs took forever to start doing) like having options on NPC dialogue or npcs feeling like they actually are talking to you rather than just mumbling to themselves.

With that, encouraging exploration by placing random secrets (secrets whjich I only had any idea that existed cause I checked a guide looking for a list of Star Ocean 2 characters and found out I was har past the point where I could get Opera - and I love her!) is not my thing, I´d rather the game naturally pulls me into the action :)

As for dificulty levels, well to each one their own, I am not a flexible player, not as much as when I was a teen with just 3 games on my snes to play the whole year and anything new, fun or not, excited me to no end... nowadays I work a lot so I can´t just flow with a game that presents unsatisfying challenge and requires a lot of time with boring gringing on easy battles regardless of the reason... I need my scarce free time to make me feel like it was a huge victory :3

What elements from existing games would you like to see reused?

One of my issues with bonus/optional content in general is exact that big about Star Ocean 2: anything Optional there is hidden in ways which you either use a guide or you just enter each town a hunderd times and talk to everyone, regular and private action mode.... and I hate secrets because really, I am a very linear person so I like my secrets at least riddled in the plot (riddles are cool, just walking aimlessly talking to npcs... not).

Now for rpgs: I play those by the plot and setting. meaning that if bonus content won´t affect plot or give me more into the setting heavily, it is not worthy. (in a gameplay heavy game it might be, if gamepplay is really peculiar)

But even at that, any easy battle to me is just a wastye of time... ok... it might be fun a few times, like in Xenogears when I get my Gears on the world map and go stomping on tiny people without mechs of their own :P But after I discuver that this is possible and do it a few times... not as funby anymore. I hate when even normal battles are easy and can be won in less than 2/3 turns with little to no loss of resources...

But I am ok with dificulty levels though, this way who wants to go the easy way and feel goodly, by all means can... and who wants to feel challenged every single battle like me, doesnm´t have to cope with that :P
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