hmmm I love robots, starships, tanks, futuristic settings, magic, pink... a nd Iam rather extreme about all that -^.^-


Cecihoney is back (used to be Clest too)

So yeah... been here years ago... then had a lot of commissions and no time to make my own stuff and I promised myself once I had a game I'd come back and turns out I made a game alone in 2 days in 2018but life was still harsh (still is :P )

But back I am! Cecilia, a.k.a Cecihoney! Pixelartist, kinda writter, kinda game designer, totally concept artist! Love mechs (giant robots) and cute ribbons!Such a crazy girl -^.^-

I started a Youtube channel about pixelart and mechs xD

Here is my artstation thingy:

Oh and my first game:

And my itch.io:

CeciĀ“s pixelart tower of machines and magic!

Some of my work, mostly pixelart, though at times I use a bit of other stuff as I have no issues with mixed media on my work -^.^- Yeah a lot of those are quite old and still by my old name as Clest... but there are tons of new pretty recent stuff and I shall add more in the future :3

Gear Heart chapter 1 cover for my comic on the Popcake Magazine:

The last boss:

Starship over nebula for Derek:

Animated mechs in construction:

Autobot Edge:

Nemesis Prime:

Autobot Starlight (made for myself):

City map for Combats Commander:

Shop, itens and characters for Swords & Potions:

Race portraits for PC game project Beyond Beyaan:

Backgrounds for Rogue Runner:

Winner of RMN pixelart contest:

Some animations:

Soldier for I phone project:

Test for a project:

Animated sprites for a DS project:

Hero slaying monster:

Test for Domisuto Tiny Town:

Optimus Prime G1 transforming:

Female decepticon transforming:

A Ballpark:

Animated icons for badassbuddy:

Character Battle graphics for the new Dark Souls II game:

Gwein Berenth from my project Star Light Romance:

Character template for The Lost Element:

Ship tileset outer:

Ship tileset inner and characters:

Tileset City outer:

SD Saviour Gundam:

SD Murasame:

Giant robots for Epsilon Alpha:

Ramdom characters:

Back from the past with a new face (upgrades happen :P)

Hi hi! From time to time I appear back on thius forums... well back in the days known as Clest, but yeah, life changes and on my sort of exile in the last years a lot has changed, for those who never knew me it is all fine and dandy, but for anyone who knew me back then it might be a bit surprising, and if that is the case, read this post on my DA:

So who I am NOW? Cecilia is the name (and I love it) but you can call me Ceci, Ce, Cecihoney... just not Clest anymore :) I am a 32 year old girl, lesbian so well, not into guys and all. I love Snes classic style games, sci fi, mechs, magic... XD

Also I am a freelancer pixelartist - yep, thats tottally how I support myself, pay may bills, eat and maintain my toy collection (action figures, robots, ships... :P)

As for indie games and all, my all time favourite is still Iron Gaia -^.^- Followed by The Frozen World :3

So well yeah... that is me, got a few projects going on, mostly sprite comics, but aside from my freelancing, have my old game projects still on hold -^.^-

Hope I am still welcome!
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