Pokémon Nightfall

Loving the game so far! Although I can't figure out the flower shop puzzle. I know it has to do with the red parts of the journal but I can't get it right.

Edit: figured it out.

Any plans to translate Nocturne? I'm hyped for the finale!

Unlockable Guests

Oh please be Seifer!


Poor Goblin.

Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny

After updating I go to load my save and get this error:

Script 'Game_System' line 92: TypeError occurred.
no implicit conversion from nil to integer

If it helps, I saved in the bonus dungeon.

Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny

After I downloaded the Data patch, my elemental black magic stopped dealing damage. I'm in the Tower of Zot if that helps.

Final Fantasy IV Alter Destiny

I'm loving the game so far! My friend and I were playing it together last night. Anyway I tried to enter the weapon shop in Mist and I got an error saying that it was missing a file from the Parallaxes folder. Thought I should let you know. I'll just avoid Mist for now. Off to Troia!


Wait, where's Palom?

February Progress Report

Awesome! Will Gilgamesh be one of the enemies in the arena?

A lot of Progress Made and We're Buzzing!

Congrats! I'm looking forward to this!

Final Fantasy Discovery Boss Battle Test: Wing Raptor

That Titan summon is awesome!
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