Elder Scrolls Online

All MMORPGs are inherently, irredeemably bad games.

I would say something about F2P, then i'd get alot of flak about it in the first place.

So about this Wikileaks thing...What do you think?

Truth be told, I'd want them gone...there may be stuff that the government does not want us to hear, 'cause as you see in some games(off-topic maybe) in order to prevent wide spread panic...Wait did i forget to add government conspiracies?

Best RPG Music of all time

you gotta remember this, as it is grim and depressing until it gets to a certain point and feel like you can continue onwards and fight for all those who cannot fight for themselves:

It's on Like Donkey Kong

chances of them succeeding: sub-zero

What do you want to see in Final Fantasy XV?

Characters that don't give a s***

WTF? Is this for real?

the new design does not surprise me if it's from another company, they don't have the licensing for the original character design, but your right, his badassness has gone out the door

Best videogame character.

the game ist'nt published yet even.

Why NIS will be dead this time next year

For what they did to the Rhapsody battle system when porting it over to the DS, I kinda hope they go outta business.


well look at what i found.

Why NIS will be dead this time next year

to revive this thread and to prove you wrong at the same time a site for a new game that IS GONNA BE ADDED TO A PARTICULAR SERIES OF THEIRS THAT I LIKE!

Pokemon is so Popular That it Gets a Ton of Leaks about Everything.

so can we get a pokemon to follow us like in last instalment and pokemon yellow where the starter pokemon is in fact pikachu