i was on a site that was basically a blog for Deadrising 2 called tape it or die, and apparently they have a contest that allows people to put their imagination to the test and think of some creative ways to kill ZOMBIES and PSYCHOS using duct tape and what ever you can find in fortune city, and since this version is coming out for the ps3 as well as the xbox 360 and the pc, i thought what if i taped a chainsaw to each of a servbot hands and give him some paint and a hockey mask and let him run wild 'cause there is already a wild west desparado (serv and protect) bot on there, and then i decided to let whoever replies to this can also pick up some tape and tape together whatever they want together on this topic

How to i get some program to stop interfirnig with rmvx

How do i stop steam from doing that

Disgaea 2 psp skill show case links

dissidia: what is your highest lvl charater if you have the game

give information about it

lets see how many players are really good

here's how to exlpaine it

Name: Warrior of light --------- i need to know this
Level:57---------- to tell what youve got
Stats------ elaborate: optinal
Extras:-------------- if you want to, then go ahead

note this is not my highest charater, just an example

a lols thread

i do not how to post pictures on here but i'll post urls for the sites that i put/find them on

i'm new here but i'm already in need of some help

and from time to time i'll post some lols that i make or find on the internet
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