So many stars.

exactly! :)


looks extremelly cute!
thanks, so does your avatar.. :P

Hartacon Tactics

@Kiana: you can find this picture in the help.

Placement is an option, random is just the default choice, the other choice is to have team mates close to each other, although not all maps support it yet.

@Krolan: the healer is overpowered but only for showing some game mechanics stuff while there is still no witch/sorcerer class available. When both will be available the former will be specialized in healing skills.

Altered states work in a deterministic way, you have four (not five) bars. Skills fill them with red. When you have all four red, then you are affected by that state for four (character) turns.

Hartacon Tactics

I had a lot of fun playing the demo. I found one bug though. In party management, if you try going to the store section before recruiting any characters the program will crash...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the bug report!

Hartacon Tactics

No, the plan is to have just the game's one-time purchase.

Hartacon Tactics

Thanks for the advice. :)

Hartacon Tactics

Hi guys/gurls and thanks for your feedback.

You see, it's supposed to go both on xbox live indie games and PC, that is why it's designed to be played with an xbox controller. I think I could add a splash screen that clarifies this.

Being a 2D game, rotation cannot be animated. What I could do, is adding a compass that indicated the orientation of the map.

Honestly, Windows 8.1 and Chrome should have a look at their code and nazi security policies... XD

Hartacon Tactics

Commercial? Phooey :(

It will be. The alpha is free to play.


Nice to see you back around, Charlie!


Hartacon Tactics

This looks fantastic. 0_o Insta-subbed.

Thanks! You can insta-play it too! XD
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