Greetings from Charlie

Hello people of rmn!
I have been lurking around for a while and now I decided to join and post my project, Charlie's Arena Online, which hopefully you will find among the games soon, as it gets approved by the staff.
If you are a regular in the world of RPG Maker XP, you may have met me before, as I'm author of several known scripts for that system.
I'm from Italy, where I was born over thirty years ago. I have a passion for RPG games (of course) and sports. I play football (or soccer if you want to call it with the wrong name XD). I'm an electronics engineer specialized in networking and interests in software developement and network security.
I hardly can call myself an artist, but I do some drawing. You can find more about my art side at my deviantArt gallery. I have a blog and a facebook page.
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