A few Common Events

So I tested this out, with the code being:

Input Key Processing (shift key)
Branch (If variable = 7)
move event hero (begin jump, move forward, move forward, end jump)
variable change back to zero
End Branch

This works perfectly, I found. As long as the movement event has "ignore impossible moves" selected. If you're two tiles away from something impassible, your hero will not jump at all. But if he's right next to an impassible tile, he'll jump over it so long as there's a passible tile on the other side. I encountered no bugs of getting stuck.

A few Common Events

Liberty, does that only happen with the forward command? I thought checking the "ignore impossible moves" would fix that. I could be wrong. I'll test it out.

A few Common Events

I think you can simplify the first part. Instead of checking to see which way the hero is facing, I think you can just do "start jump", "move forward" "end jump". Or something like that. There's a forward command, anyhow.

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Good work Blitzen m'boy! I need some good solid practice with Megaman... I'm terrible at it. Also, you should hang out at RMN more!

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