RMN Map-Design Contest [Winners announced]

I noticed that too, but then I got HYPED on having a broken pole instead. My forest is haunted, so it works!

Discuss: Elements

I like this idea:

Where you have the four basic ones, and others are combinations of the four.

RMN Map-Design Contest [Winners announced]

HOWEVER, are there any restrictions on charsets? People can import a ton of charsets, and that of course can affect the look...

Well, I've already used an over lay and a few characters so I hope that's okay. If not, then I've made this map for fun. Also, the character sets won't be used to change the look, they're for a mini game I'm throwing in.

grow up :o

I think all the programs have their merits, and we should leave people to choose their own preference. With that map design topic, I'm sure you can use XP if you want, it's not all that hard to convert the tiles.

Holy shit this is insane. (Super Mario World)

Ha, that's awesome how synchronized to the music it is. ^_^

RMN Map-Design Contest [Winners announced]

I'm in! Though I don't really want the 15 if I win.
Also, we should have a VX mapping contest next.

Screenshot Thread With One Eyebrow and a Golden Tooth

Sion, we posted a screenshot at the exact same time, high five! Look's good Sion. What's the soldier so surprised about?

Screenshot Thread With One Eyebrow and a Golden Tooth

I'm ripping off Pokemon so bad, but I need a way to do mountains in VX, so this is what I'm trying. ::)

How long can you tolerate dialogue to be?

I think pauses are okay, just don't abuse them and use them far too much. I also, I don't really follow any rules with dialogue, I just go with whatever seems right.

What do you like in a forum?

Yeah, interactivity is especially important. Hyping your own game is all well and important, but we also need to comment and encourage others on their screens and games!
Also, I like the huge discussions that go on here, but I feel like they're intellectually above me sometimes. ^_^