Chartley is hyped to be Canadian right now. (AKA, olympics topic)

Uhm... The Olympics are over now. Time to look forward to the next thing. It was fun (though a lot more unfun than fun) while it lasted.

Haha, no Canadian is going to allow you to simply forget the Olympics happened!

Chartley is hyped to be Canadian right now. (AKA, olympics topic)

I didn't even realize that there was a gold medal record too, awesome! These were amazing Olympics :)

Chartley is hyped to be Canadian right now. (AKA, olympics topic)

Oh man. These are some exciting Olympics for us Canadians. 14 golds on our own turf. Sick!
I'm not really a hockey fan at all, but I had to watch that. The odds weren't too good after our first game with the US, but what an epic come back. Today's game was just nuts! OT is the right way to finish the last hockey game of the Olympics.

It should be said that the US team played remarkably well, especially Miller! The US team deserved to win that as much as Canada, they certainly played the part. Cheers to all parties!

Something stupid that no one will care about

I'm surprised nobody mentioned yet! Or they did and I missed it. That might be the one Kentona is trying to say.

Creating Graphics for RPG Maker 2000

Yeah, PNG's are basically the format you want for all graphics for RM. Never touch JPEG's either. ^_^

Creating Graphics for RPG Maker 2000

For the color mode, choose Indexed Color, and then choose 256 colors. And save as a .PNG!


This is looking pretty cool man, lovin the art!


Re-learning how to map in XP again. Good times.

Importing pictures without setting a transparency?

Yeah, Silence is correct. RM2k/3 allows only images that are indexed to a 256 color palette. The default transparent color is the first color in the 256 color palette. If you were to open the image in a program like idraw, it would be the top left color.

Cliff Spriting Help

Nice! I enjoy the simplicity of that style.

Also, those tutorials I mentioned ARE still up, I just found them again. They're in japanese, but the pictures still teach a lot: