I wish I had time for this, but I have to work all weekend, and I'm moving to a new city, so I have things to do. :(

The middle finger's of normal size I don't get what

Also, wearing boxing gloves gives you more of an excuse to knock a fella out if he chooses to ridicule you.

Some questions

You don't need to download any ruby program. Ruby is simply a programming language. There's a script editor
included in the rmxp editor.

We Did It First screenshot thread

WIP, that metroid game has ALWAYS looked fantastic. It's a shame that it's unlikely that Nintendo won't make any more 2D metroids. The task is passed on to people like yourself I suppose.

We Did It First screenshot thread

Despains game just feels very westerny, which is awesome.

Some questions

1) Yes, you can make new sheets for characters. These files are called character sets. You don't neccessarly need to make them though, as there are additional sets available for download. Try and for some good resources. If you DO want to make your own character sets, then you can do so. RMXP supports any size of sprites, so long as it's divided into 16 equal frames. Four across, and four down. Each row is a different direction animation. Just check out another character set to check out which row is what direction.

2) These are done through move events. You might want to read the help files and some tutorials on those maybe. Pretty easy to figure out though. For cutscenes, also make use of screentone, battle animations, music, sound effects, and the whole works. They really help.

3) I can't explain a whole lot about this one, but one new think about RMXP is that it supports scripting, unlike previous makers. So yes, somebody with skill can reprogram the battle system to their needs. There are also downloadable scripts online for things such as health gauges etc, these scripts usually come with directions on installing them.

Hoped that set you in the right direction...

Your Priorities

I think the most important area for me is the characters/dialogue. They're the ones that make a game interesting, they get you interested in the story. You could take the most cliche plot, and make it interesting through good dialogue and characters.

After that, it's the gameplay. The gameplay for me is nothing special, it's never really good custom systems, but I try to make everything as smooth as possible. No annoying sounds anywhere, and just generally well made, but not complex.

And then the plot. I don't think the plot is as important as people make it out to be. It CAN completely make a game amazing (See ABL and Sunset Imdahl), but it isn't really required for a great game.

The story planning process

That is a damn cool site Despain, good articles. :)

We Did It First screenshot thread

That is one of the most cool intriguing screenshots I've seen, and a good first shot for an opening site.

The story planning process

I've asked people about this before, and I get different answers all the time. So it usually makes for interesting discussion. The question?

How do you go about planning the story for a game? I'm not really sure what the best way is. Some ways I've heard:
-Planning the whole game out in detail before even starting the game.
-Making a rough outline, and then filling in the specifics as you go. (Is this how most people do it?)
-Write as you go. Maybe plan the next few hours or so, but not the whole game in advance.
-Wing it, just make the game as ideas come to you.

I honestly have no idea of what the best method is, nor have I found a method that works for me yet. Since I have yet to make decent progress on any game I've started.

Your thoughts?