This is looking pretty cool man, lovin the art!

Cast Aside

The art for Cast Aside is radical, especially the title screen. Cheers ^_^


I tried about 20 minutes of this game, and on a technical level it is absolutely amazing. Both the graphics and systems are far above average, making it the coolest looking XP game. However, it is very poorly written. I'd say writing is your weakest area at the moment, and if you improve on that you have the potential to make some awesome games. But for all I know, you may have already improved, I haven't tried your VX game yet. Cheers!


Verlena Frequency

Awesome, you're still working on this!? Where have you been Ill?


Man, Lys should totally ditch the XP idea, and make this in VX instead! (the futuristic graphics could be a problem, however ^_^)

Legacies of Dondoran

I started a file on this, it's pretty awesome so far! I'll see how far I can get. :)

Castle Quest Demo

I approve of this! I played it and had a lot of fun, and therefor it is a good game and that's my story.

Verlena Frequency

Hey Ill, looking good! I'm glad to see you're still working on stuff, I thought you'd left the community for good. It's nice to see you're still around.


Hey, this is looking pretty awesome, keep up the good work. :)

The Frozen World

WIP, if you finish this... I'll personally see to it that you are Knighted. Sir WIP.
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