[RM2K3] Is there a 3rd party application that will scan code and replace string values en masse?

No that's not true. It's a separate format. Try opening it in anything other than RPG Maker, it won't work... (Yes I wrote an XYZ viewer tool but that's not what I meant, obviously.)

[Poll] Better late than never! The DynRPG plugin contest

OK so, the results are here now! Thanks for voting!

1st Place: Particle Effects Plugin by Kazesui with 14 votes
2nd Place: Pathfinding Plugin by DNKpp (anti-freak) with 11 votes
3rd Place: Date/Time Plugin by elvissteinjr with 3 votes
4th Place: RagnaDyn by orochii with 2 votes

I will contact the winners!

...and how do I close a poll?

[Poll] Better late than never! The DynRPG plugin contest

Edit: What happens if all plugins end up with the same amount of votes?

It'll work similar to sports, and you'll have a 1., 1., 3., 4. for example. Regarding the prizes, in this example I'd put the 1st and 2nd into a pot and split to two (in that example it'd be $22.5, $22.5, $7, $0). So if really all would end up with the same votes, it would be $13 for each.

How do I access the window object from a required file's scope?

You are not supposed to - a module is self-contained, so please do inject the window object from outside when you need it.

[RM2K3] Is there a 3rd party application that will scan code and replace string values en masse?

(No need to test anything because I know RM's internals^^)

RM just checks for the existence of a file with that name in this order: BMP>PNG>XYZ / MID>WAV>MP3 / WAV / AVI>MPG (for image/music/sound/movie respectively)

Also, I don't understand why you have the "in-game location" problem. What do you even mean by ingame location? Map name? Then why do you even attempt to replace this field?

From what I understand, what needs to be done is to make a list of filename fields in the 4 possible datafile types (LDB/LMU/LMT/LSD) and their resources type/folder, and then go over each of them and apply the updates, iterating over things where needed.

The only tricky things, I think, are:

* The "Move Event" event command, because it encodes a chain of move commands in its numerical parameters, with sound effect names embedded
* Obviously all DynRPG comment commands of various plugin (you probably can't support those, except maybe for a select few)
* The picture filename pointer functionality of both PicPointerPatch and the official Steam RM2k3 (there you have two ways to define the replacement in the filename: for one, from PicPointerPatch - but also supported by Steam RM2k3! - you'd just check if the picture ID is >=50000 in a "Show Picture" command, and if yes, you treat the filename like a wildcard with the 4 last characters being unknown and then move all matching files, for example "Something0000" would then move also "Something0001", "Something1234", etc., and for the other, only in Steam RM2k3, it uses a separate setting of how many characters are wildcards. )

But the documentation and other code that accesses all these things should be available at EasyRPG, because EasyRPG is already able to emulate >99% of the games out there, I'd say.

RPG Maker 2009 Ultimate

@gadesx: Hm, that may be because of the font substitutions. You can remove them in ultimate.ini. Also you could change the tabbar to icon mode, then it needs less vertical space.

[RM2K3] Is there a 3rd party application that will scan code and replace string values en masse?

Images also support RM's proprietary *.xyz format.

[RM2K3] White Overlay on Battlers :(

If you have DynRPG v0.20+: Put into DynPatches folder. If not: Apply with Lunar IPS.

(Delete the plugin that I gave you before.)

[RM2K3] White Overlay on Battlers :(

An attempt to fix the problem. Let me know if it helps. Just drop into plugins folder.

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{EDIT: Didn't work}

[OVER][Contest] DynRPG Plugin Programming Contest - Win Amazon Gift Cards! - NEW: Pathfinding plugin submitted!

This contest is now (finally) closed! Vote here: