Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

I see, seems it worked originally only on part of those sections because in other places the game actually unequips the equipment first, and then the fix was saving "no equipment" as last state.

I fixed that now - the download is updated, so whoever already downloaded the file should download it again please.

So, here again, even though it's the same link - download:

Also here is the source code for anyone interested:

Theia - The Crimson Eclipse

This is a really great game! It's the best RM2k3 game I know at the moment. I'm not good at writing reviews, I guess, but usually I don't comment about games at all so it means something that I wrote about this being great^^

However, it's annoying and frustrating that the previous atlas equipment isn't restored after leaving the "Jamming" sections. I know why that is (because it's technically complicated to do in RM2k3), so I assume it's not a purposeful mechanic. Therefore, I created a fix for this problem.

Download this file and drop it into the "DynPlugins" folder of the game, and your previous atlas will be restored after leaving jamming sections (assuming you still own it):

There is just one tiny caveat: Synergies won't immediately become active again, but that will fix itself after the next battle and can easily be fixed manually before that by just entering and exiting the menu once.

@OnDead Games: Feel free to use and redistribute this. FYI it checks for items 198 and 199 and uses variable range 4201-4300 for storing previous equipment.

Oh by the way - there is a thought about a tiny detail that I wanted to share: In the scripted "battle" at the end, I was sorta waiting for a damage popup of that super-epic attack. Unfortunately there was none. I know this isn't an actual battle technically, but nonetheless I think it would have felt so satisfying to get a damage popup (as picture or whatever) like 1000000 or 9999999 or maybe even some random very-high number, especially since the rest of the scene is "dressed up" like a battle.

EDIT: Oh I realize only now that you, LolloRocketDiver are OnDead Games... I thought at first you are the English translator or something. Cool that you are around here!

Mystery Falls - Director's Cut

Create a shortcut and add the parameters "NormalPlay ShowTitle Window" to it.

(Also it appears that this is in the wrong category then. Should be RPG Tsukuru 2003.)

Starless Umbra

Is the rest of the advanced systems working for you, kalalas? For instance, are the monsters animated?

If not, you might have hit the same bug I hit at the beginning (seems an issue with Windows 8 64-Bit), it's solved by putting the DynPlugins folder into the game which you can get here.

Mapping Contest #1

About Kazesui's game: Because some of you said "nice to see what DynRPG can do": Actually, Kazesui didn't use a single plugin. I think he just needed to 2000 pictures. :-)

For example, he uses very big (and slow) common events for angle calculations... he could have used a DynRPG like or a custom one for that. With a custom plugin he could have put all calculations and all picture graphics into the plugin and thus reducing the lag to zero :-)

Forever's End

Oh, sorry, I must have missed the description.

Forever's End

Ahm, just registered to report the game (version 1.04) still has that music+sound bug (for me) and already crashed twice during my replay of it (I'm in the royal hunting grounds).

"it crashed" isn't very useful without the actual error message. What exactly was the last thing you did and what message appeared?
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