[RM2K3] DynRPG Compiling Error

It's just an explicit cast to the enum type.

[RM2K3] DynRPG Compiling Error

Try converting it explicitly:

RPG::skills[1]->type = (RPG::SkillType)5;

[RM2K3] DynRPG Compiling Error

What error message do you get? The code doesn't look correct in the first place because I guess it needs to be `RPG::skills` and not `RPG::Skills`.

(Also while doing something like that, keep in mind it's not saved and loaded, unless you implement that yoursave in hooks. It will stay until you close the game, regardless of saving or loading, and won't be restored next time.)

RM2k3 No-Row-Patch

Does it work: Yes, with the link I posted now.

Drag and drop: No, you need to apply it to the RPG_RT.exe file using a tool like Lunar IPS (make a backup first). Select "all files" to see the EXE in Lunar IPS.

RM2003 Will Not Import New Resources

That is weird! Both should work. I tried it now myself and I can't find any problem with it.

I could only imagine that you were importing a file that already existed in the folder and you had the same file open elsewhere (say, in a graphics program).

[RM2K3] Big List of Plugins/IPS (Sticky This Please)

Thank you!

I reuploaded it because not everyone has MediaFire Premium:

[RM2K3] Big List of Plugins/IPS (Sticky This Please)

Kaine's Collection 1 (Most of these are common plugins, but it looks like Kain is hosting some of Corti's plugins. And mine. And some I've never seen)

Kaine's Collection 2 (This includes many of bugmenots patches from the german site, and some obscure ones)

Does anyone still have these or know where they came from? Because the MediaFire links are dead.

[RM2K3] Rpg Maker Maniacs Patch (for official version)

I was wondering about that: Isn't reimplementing the RPG_RT basically what EasyRPG is doing, too? Why not bundle the efforts?

I was wondering the same and I doubt that BingShan will be able to achieve that work which took EasyRPG many man-years any time soon.

[DynRPG Plug-in] Main Menu Game Playtime Clock

The correct link is

It's because the old RPG Maker 2003 category ("rm2k3") was renamed to RPG Tsukuru 2003 ("rt2k3") after the official version was released.

[RM2K3] DynRPG Compiling Error

I guess this is already solved, but I just wanted to say that the error 1114 is an actual Windows error code and it means "A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed" which means that the DllMain function (which the compiler usually generates) returned FALSE. Either some misconfiguration with the compiler, or you have some global variables that are getting initialized with things that don't yet exist when the library is loaded, for example if you try to create some game objects before onInitFinished (the engine hasn't started yet).