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Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I've been messing around with portraits. I added a blinking effect too them and official RPG2k3 keeps surprising me. In Tsukuru you could only get them to blink before the message box appears but with a little work I managed to get them to blink during the message.

[RM2K3] Setting up an the RNG

You more or less have the right idea. Start with this:
Set a variable from 0 to 100
Check the variable if it's above or below a certain point ( <= 30 would be 30%)

Then you can modify that as you see fit. A number from 0 to 1000 would be the equivalent of using a % with 1 decimal place, or 0 to 10 would be % increments of 10.
I've given this a try and I'll admit it seems to work better than the method I was using before. I'm still getting doubles way more often than I'd like but hedge's advice below may have helped with that.

Try this once just to see if there's something else at work here. Change your "Hero Acc" variable to be set not 1..30 but rather something like 2..30. Since you only "miss" if you roll a 1, changing your randomized values like that means that you should never, in a million tries, ever miss. Thus if you ever do miss you know that the number is getting altered or re-randomized elsewhere.

One possibility is that parallel process events do run in parallel, which means that one script can mess up another script.
I tried it and like you mentioned no misses came up. I double checked and no parallel processes were using that variable in anyway. I was using that variable in other formulas but that shouldn't have mattered since I re-rolled it at the beginning of every attack. Either way I changed it to a different variable altogether and it seems to have fixed the double missing issue.

This is what I'm using now. Thanks for the help guys.

What Do You Think About Text Pauses in Game Dialog?

I'm disappointed there was no Final Fantasy Tactics jokes in here.
As for my opinion depends on how detailed the characters faces graphics/models/whatever are.

[RM2K3] Setting up an the RNG

Is there a better way I could code a percentage chance of something happening? Or better yet is there a way to improve RM2k3's RNG? I've searched the forums and google but almost of the the topics more or less were debates on where RNG is good or bad.

This is the chance of a normal attack missing and more often than not it happens once a test battle (which average about 3 turns per battle) and even worse if a miss happens it usually happens on the next turn despite the variable getting re rolled twice.

This is how I'm setting up it my percentages. (Ignore the faded bits.) Am I doing something wrong or do you think there's no problem?

Screenshot Survival 20XX

Cool! Will be doing this with the color. And yeah, I think I'll make the yellow (which is going to become orange) one diamond shaped.


Is this better?

Also, I apologize for the confusion, since I overwrote the old SHAPES.png in my locker, so now both pictures are this one.

I think I should make the green one darker. Agreed?

Most definitely. The green one contrasts way too much, not just to the other gems but to the characters and background as well.

Inventory, Shops, and You!

I really only like flavor text when every weapon is more or less the same. I mean if an iron sword and a steel sword only differ in color and a few points in attack then flavor it up. But if you doing things like weapons that double attack or poison on hit I'd rather the description tell me a special effect instead.

[RM2K3] Need some help coming up Skills

an interesting defensive skill would be cutting down the damage you take by 25%, and redirecting this 25% to the enemy

That could actually work pretty well. I have another skill that damages enemies whenever the player is hit, so those skills can work together as some sort of counter build.

[RM2K3] Need some help coming up Skills

For the first one, how about a skill that allows the body double to perform attacks? They could be selected randomly from other skills that the player has already learnt, and how powerful they are in comparison could be related to the level of the skill.
That might work the only problem would be if the player for whatever reason didn't have any other skills learnt? But I guess it could just do a basic attack if that were the case.

For the second one, how are Braced and Fortify different? Is one of them passive?
Braced is passive, it also doesn't reduced as much damaged as Fortify unless you wearing specific equips.

[RM2K3] Need some help coming up Skills

Hi all. I'm not even sure this is the place to ask this, but I need some help with ideas for skill system in my game. It's a custom turn based battle system so the skills in question don't really use the editor that much. Specially I need help coming up with two skills at the end of two of the skill trees.

First off as you can see the skills are divide in to five different trees. Here's the trees I'm having problems with.

Illusion: Creates a mirror body double that doesn't do anything. It has it's own hp and takes damage every the player takes damage. When it runs out it dies. The skill has a cool down and using it when there's a double already active heals half it's hp.(As you can see this skill is worthless by itself which is intentional)
Ruse: When a body double is active there's a chance the enemy will attack it instead of the player. The double takes more damage than normal. Also if there's no double created there's a 10% chance to create one when attacked.
Shatter: When the double is destroyed it deals damage to the foe.

And here's when I need help thinking final skill I had in mind wasn't very good. I was suppose to copy your last action but I figured it would be way to overpowered and difficult to implement.

Braced: Adds a chance reduced damage taken when attacked. It won't activate if the player is using other defending skills.
Fortify: Basically a defend command. If you don't have any points in this skill the command is wait instead which skips your turn.
Phalanx: For one turn the player is immune to all damage. No other skills will activate during the turn this is used. This skill has a cool down.

As for this one well I don't have the slightest clue what my original idea was for the last skill here. If anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it.

Whatchu Workin' On? Tell us!

I'm more or less working on battle sprites for my game. Specifically the main character who sports a whopping 9 different outfits each of which will have different animations for pretty much everything. I want to have at least 2 (besides the default available) for my first demo.





So far I'm at 40 sprites just for a default clothes alone. (and that's not even counting portraits which is a whole another animal.)