Unfortunately, i wasn't at home...
I'll work soon for an english translation of my game.


Thank you all!

Battle Test (Original Soundtracks)

@boos405 Hey, boos! Don't worry! This game will come with a lot of moves, special moves, classes and great super moves :) and yes, this example concern only the very first part of the game, so it's normal if you see few moves at this point of the game. I don't want say for now other things about moves, since i'm currently testing it and i'm not sure if i will implement precisely these moves. Maybe i'll do some screenshots or a mini video when i'll have something more accurate.
Thanks anyway for all your encouragement!

Battle Test (Original Soundtracks)

Thank to godness, you like it! xD
Anyway, i'm working during this period on the next scene of the game and i think it will take me about 10-15 days of (hard) work. When i'll have something done, i'll share that here as usually. Notice that i could say something wrong since i'm not english/american but my first language is italian. Sorry for that.
On that note, when the game will be completed, i could release it even in english but only if the game will please some people.

Battle Test Presentation

This video was just a simple presentation made for you tube, so that's why i used those music. Of course, i'll do other videos in real time but this in particular was a request from a guy in a forum i follow.
Keep in mind that this kind of music are royalty free and i can use these for other purposes. On top of that, my output audio is not really good so i cannot use the original sounds of the game while i'm recording. But this technical issues may not understand and it's futile to explain here. You could probably try the demo when it will be available so you could play the game with a better experience.

In game each characters have special abilities which have two effects. The triple hit you have seen here is one of them. But, during game, they can learn other moves called "materix" and using the boost the player can produce powerful hits. Moreover, there will be classes and super moves related to the power of time.
That said, when i'll have other materials, i'll share it.


That's it, PINK.

Quest to Harmonia

Thank you for you suppport boos405!! I'm always working on this game and an another one (yes, I'm crazy ahahah).
I'm planning to make two chapter for Quest to Harmonia since the game is quite big (over thirty hours, it's a challenge though). Now I'm stretching my brain on game balance and some other things and I guess I'll put a trailer or other materials on
RpgMaker forum for the end of April. There is some kind of contest there, so I would like to take part in order to show something more about my project.
I will not give up, dont'worry ;)

I'd like to share a demo of my project here. How can i do it?

Hello makers and developers, I'm a newbie here and i can't find a way to share
here with you the demo of my project. If anyone could suggest me how to do that,
i'd really appreciate it.
Ps: the demo is in italian language, but if i see you like it, i'll be happy to do
a location in english :)
Have great time!

Hello there, Makers!

Many thanks Marrend & InfectionFiles!

Hello there, Makers!

I know but i never say that i'm only looking for tips, that's yours deduction.
Anyway, when i'll be ready i'll look for that thread you suggested.
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