I'd like to share a demo of my project here. How can i do it?

Hello makers and developers, I'm a newbie here and i can't find a way to share
here with you the demo of my project. If anyone could suggest me how to do that,
i'd really appreciate it.
Ps: the demo is in italian language, but if i see you like it, i'll be happy to do
a location in english :)
Have great time!

Hello there, Makers!

Hi everyone, folks!
I'm new here and i love playing videogames and i'm currently trying to do one
by myself. So, i hope to find here a lot of hints and a good encouragement since,
as you already know, is not simply to be a developer.
I am also italian, sorry if i do some text mistakes.

I'll post in a new thread all i have to say about my project and i hope you'll give me some tips.

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