Isa Plays: Star Stealing Prince Parts 1-27 [All Endings]

No problem! ♥ I truly loved this game! And I will read those sequels, I am interested to see what happens! :)

No need to thank for the LP! But thanks! ♥ *hugs*

Lamia Nox Gameplay Parts 1-2

It's cool. I have a lot of games still left to play before that so it's really cool! :3

This Is Where I Want To Die

I made a gameplay video of this. Made me cry. Thank you for this. It was beautiful. ♥
Subscribed. :3


I started to play this game today and at the same time record to my gaming channel in Youtube. All I have to say that I have enjoyed this a lot.
Really creepy game. Good job! ♥ I subbed!

The Here and Now of Yesterday

It was a nice game. Really scary at one time, made my boyfriend cry. :'D
Some puzzles we're pretty hard for me though. But good job! Subbed!

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