an aristocrat of rpgmaker culture
i got the devils luck and play the devils music



Gaming Advice With Professor Know-It-All: How To Become A Somebody In The Gaming Community And Get More Groupies

i love you brent

Looking Back: Balmung Cycle Part I: The Messenger and the Heretic

i wrote 14 pages of beta notes for balmung cycle

*glows with power*

Looking Back: Beloved Rapture

i love you aaron

Looking Back: Vaporware Special Part One

don't worry you'll be up there soon enough. infact, you could very well be the king.

so how's your battle system coming? i heard it's one of the things funding will help make. clicking events is a costly process

Looking Back: Vaporware Special Part One

fates of alerha was real, inoran used to send me videos of it and i have the project folder, the battle system functions etc

great article btw, it really makes me miss the old days. i want to play a bunch of rm games now

Community Spotlight Interview: myformerselves

3.Do not fall for the hallowed fallacy that if you pursue art you can be cutting edge, obscenely affluent and a social celebrity in the likeness of someone such as Salvador Dali. The pursuit of art leads more to continual material poverty than to anything.
but honestly who actually thinks this

i do, and it 's working

Design & Beauty: A Look At Art Direction

Moral of the story: Do the exact opposite of anything Amano does since all his shit looks the same. Is it Celes? Rosa? Cecil? I can't tell. Oh that's right BECAUSE THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME.

it is incredible how much you don't know, about things


wow i never wanted to post on this site again bujt wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow holy shit the new standard of human stupidity has just been set wow! i have been "shell" shocked into popsting and i cannot help this! is this real life??? letme just chjeck my pulse ooooooh nooo my veins are flowing with pitch black ink


bads will be bads

An Open Letter to Any Gaming Journalist

marvel brothel and columbine massacre are the face of modern amateur game development. it could have been alter aila and hero's realm. fucking game journalists!
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