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Oathguard Review

nothing about this makes any sense

Demon Legacy Review

the upgrade is phantom legacy

Phantom Legacy (Part 1) Review

I am just going to echo the idea that we should just have "3 positive reviews, 1 negative review(s)" or w/e instead of some vague average rating. Seriously something has to be done.

idk it has been almost three weeks since everyone agreed on how to change it in site feedback forum

Forever's End Review

good review

Forever's End Review

author=S. F. LaValle
I'm actually a little surprised by Ciel's and Magi's responses. Not that I could ever predict the #shmup consensus, I just would have thought that your positions would more closely match Craze's, in that celebrating mediocrity should be downplayed in favor of harsher criticism in an attempt to raise the collective bar (as futile as that sounds).

we aren't offering our verdict on the game we are downplaying the celebrated mediocrity of this blatantly tryhard review in favor of harsher criticism

Forever's End Review

angel rape guy criticizing anyone's writing p funny
I have to comment on one thing though;
There’s not much to say about the characters or tilesets; they’re generic RM2k3 fare and are bland and uninteresting

says the guy who uses NOTHING but exclusively RMXP RTP tiles and charactersets

gj linking wiki article describing what we did good job gj good one nice this clever ruse to undermine your credibility is exposed rendering it inert no wait you are still really dumb

Forever's End Review

rmxp rtp guy says the graphics are bland rm fare lol

Forever's End Review

angel rape guy criticizing anyone's writing p funny

w Review

this review gets to the point 40% of the way through, much like the game it covers

Leo & Leah: A Love Story Review

Balmung Cycle's resourcefolder

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