How do you design a good puzzles?

@thatbenyguy: I did read your article before posting here, and i learned a lot. I probably didn't understand, the mixing mechanic part :).

@Link_2112: Yes you are right, a puzzle need to use what an actor can use in other situations.

The idea behind my game is that player choice, increase a main parameter. For example if player chose to fight in a multichoice event, his attack stat will raise.

here's an example of one of my quests
This is the situation, it is a mine, player can chose to solve the puzzle and then he can ride a mine cart and skip everything to the boss, however he can't solve the puzzle if he dose not have enough perception (perception is a stat that only increase through player choice) and will be force to walk. if he walk there is 3 ways, he can still walk directly to the boss through the main route, or he can find a hidden natural cave (a maze) to surprise the boss (this will increase his agility). or he can explore all side routes to kill the boss henchmans (disabling boss reinforce ability).
Now boss will react to the player choices. In beginning of fight there will be dialogue choices, different stat and what player did in the mine, determine how successful a dialog choice will be. and give bonus to player in fight, if you don't have the required stats, or say something that you didn't perform, boss get bonus.
I don't want to force a player to solve any puzzle, or walk through any maze, any situation should have multiple solution. At the same time, if he don't like to solve puzzles he must fight better. Somehow the game will be a complete puzzle with different solutions.

what do you think about the whole idea

I like this idea a lot. Its interesting, but what are you going to do with the increased stats?

The thing about puzzles is that most of them take a while to refine through testing. I believe I read this on a site somewhere.

Games with good stories on this site?

If you enjoy the Suikoden series, check out Notes of the Second Mellynd War.
There's a lot of good games on the site, though. The Way is considered pretty awesome, though it takes a while to warm up.

I don't know what Suikoden is.
The spanish game Dhux Scar has always been praised by its plot. I'm nearly sure it's translated somewhere and probably on this website too.

Oh, there it is...

Thanks, I'll give this a whirl.
You can perhaps try the game that I'm translating :) It has a deep storyline that you will certainly get immersed into.

You already know I am playing this. :)

Games with good stories on this site?

@Novalux, "I'm scared of girls" forgot who made it tho :X

@cinderblock depends on your type of genre for stories?


Games with good stories on this site?

What are some games with good stories one this site that you guys would recommend?

no-one has to die.

How does this only have 200 downloads?

Can I have a downloadable version?

[RPGMAKER XP] The most accurate way to use button input

I'm trying to judge which maker is the most responsive for this type of design.

[RPGMAKER XP] The most accurate way to use button input

I want to create systems completely out of events. So I need a reliable way to measure button input. Does anyone know the best way to do this?

I had also considered another version of rpgmaker to create evented systems. Are other versions of rpgmaker better to do this on?


so a quicktime event?

[Poll] Internet Browser of Choice

I use Seamonkey. I like the name that is why I use it.

Scored myself an awesome seatmate!! ^w^ Can't believe class passed by so fast haha... (hope I'm not spamming the status lol 8D)

seatmate? do you have class on a bus?
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