Games with good stories on this site?

What are some games with good stories one this site that you guys would recommend?

[RPGMAKER XP] The most accurate way to use button input

I want to create systems completely out of events. So I need a reliable way to measure button input. Does anyone know the best way to do this?

I had also considered another version of rpgmaker to create evented systems. Are other versions of rpgmaker better to do this on?

[RPGMAKER XP] Evented Inventory System troubles

I've been designing an inventory system for my game. But, I've run into a couple of difficulties.

I've attached a project that has the system, when you run the game press enter on the note and hit the d key to access the menu.

Press enter on the top left space, you will find that the show text comes up twice, this is the problem I have been having.


Custom walking animation help.

I created this sprite from scratch but, I can't seem to get him to walk properly and look good.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

Space Noir Storyline Help

I'd really really appreciate some help with this script. I think this is the right forum, but, I'm not totally sure.
My brother says that the script is terrible, and I'd like a second opinion.
I don't know much about mystery or writing in general. I haven't found anywhere to get help with this so.
Any tips or critiques are welcome!

Take me to the Storyline!
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