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Epic Quest (upcoming Steam game giveaway!)

Hey, guys! We are now CLOSED! Thank you for your interest in testing Epic Quest. :) Those of you who didn't get in -- we look forward to seeing you when the game is released!

I'd say ignore everyone who doesn't have an avatar. Or MS. Or both.

Cinnamon, would you like me to remove all the posts from anyone who doesn't have such and signed up that day and only have one post on the forums? Because that's doable and it'd clean up your thread.
Thank you for the offer, but it's okay. ^_^ We're doing a pretty broad testing phase so it's no problem if a couple of keys go to people who aren't legitimately interested in testing. Although it's pretty easy to see the difference, hehe.

Thank you for letting me do this here. =)

Epic Quest (upcoming Steam game giveaway!)

Woah, didn't realize there were so many replies, sorry! Just send me an e-mail at and you will receive a key. :)

We're still taking new testers but closing soon!

Epic Quest (upcoming Steam game giveaway!)

Gotcha! ^_^ Thanks!

Epic Quest (upcoming Steam game giveaway!)

Testing is closed, please don't e-mail us anymore asking for keys. :) Thank you!

Epic Quest (upcoming Steam game giveaway!)

Hey, guys! We are now CLOSED! Thank you for your interest in testing Epic Quest. :) Those of you who didn't get in -- we look forward to seeing you when the game is released!

How to save (marshal_dump) with class Proc?

I'm using a Pathfinding script (A_Star_Pathfinder) that apparently creates a Proc when defining a part of the pathfinding (reach_method or fail_method).

Problem is that when the player tries to save while a path such as that exists, I get this error:

Script 'Window Save' line 375: TypeError occurred.

that line is: Marshal.dump($game_map, file)

no marshal_dump is defined for class Proc

Any idea how to work around this? Create a rescue function that stops the game from saving if it runs into a problem? Get the "Proc" to save? I don't know what a Proc is or how it works so I'm really lost here.

How to disable Alt + Enter?

Omg you're a genius, thank you so much! I can finally re-activate Alt + Tab and Alt + F4! I know that irked quite a few players before (including me, lol).

Time to update all my previous games. xD

How to disable Alt + Enter?

Yup, I figured as much. :D So if it's not 0 it's full screen and if it IS 0 it's windowed?

How to disable Alt + Enter?

Wow, okay, something is definitely happening now! :D

I'm getting big random integers if the game is in full screen and a 0 if it's windowed. Is that correct?

So basically I can use this whenever the player enters the menu / exits the game. Check the def. If it returns '0' the player has it on windowed mode, if it returns ANY variable other than 0, the player has it in full screen? And this method is pretty reliable? ^_^

How to disable Alt + Enter?

@Cherry: Thank you! That looks really interesting. Would you happen to know if it can work for XP as well? I'm getting an RGSS error for the very first line. Possibly because of the %w(p p p p l p). Looking at my other Win32API calls in the game, they all have the third variable in the format of ''.



@orochii: Thank you for the tip! But isn't that against the terms of agreement with RPG Maker? I work on commercial games so I don't think I'm technically allowed to edit the *.dll?

And if I am allowed to change it, if someone who plays my game runs the game, would it use the dll provided in the game folder by me or the one installed on their computer? If it uses the one installed instead of the one provided by me, then it loses its function. ^^;

Edit: Okay, so the problem was that I can't have the variables start with a capital letter. The %w is fine apparently? Changed it into this:

    # Get API functions and constants
getPrivateProfileStringA ='kernel32', 'GetPrivateProfileStringA', %w(p p p p l p), 'L')
findWindow ='user32','FindWindow', %w(p p), 'L')
getWindowLong ='user32', 'GetWindowLong', %w(L l), 'L')
gWL_STYLE = 16
wS_POPUP = 0x80000000

# Get game title
game_name = "\0" * 256'Game', 'Title', '', game_name, 255, ".\\Game.ini")

# Find game window
window_handle ='RGSS Player', game_name)

# Get window style
window_style =, gWL_STYLE)

p window_style

# If WS_POPUP style is set, the game is fullscreen
window_style & wS_POPUP

game_name and window_handle seem to work perfectly, window_style constantly returns '0', though. :/