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How to disable Alt + Enter?

@Liberty: Because, like I said, I need to keep track of whether the game is in full screen or windowed mode for various reasons (one being that the game should start in the same resolution that it was closed in). If I keep Alt + Enter, I don't know of a way to keep track of it. :/ You can hit Alt + Enter at moments where the game isn't actually functioning, but it will still change resolution. Whereas if it's done through a hotkey that manually presses Alt + Enter through script, it can only be done when the game is active. Does that make sense? ^^;

@Cherry: Is there another way of checking what size the game is in?

As of right now F11 presses Alt + Enter indirectly and at the same time adjusts a variable to match the full screen / windowed mode.

How to disable Alt + Enter?

I need to keep track of the game's resolution, so I changed Alt + Enter into a hotkey (F11).

How to disable Alt + Enter?

I tried that, but at that point it already triggers Alt + Enter. Doing that basically means "if Alt + Enter is already pressed". ^_^;

The script posted above basically disables any other key once Alt is pressed by filling it with a blank (, 0, 2, 0)).

I just don't have enough knowledge to figure out how to fix this so Alt + Tab and Alt + F4 can be used. :/

How to disable Alt + Enter?

So I'm using this script that disables Alt + Enter, but in doing so disables any combination with the alt key -- including Alt + Tab and Alt + F4. Is it possible to ONLY disable Alt + Enter so that the others are still usable? Here's the code:

# Disable ALT-ENTER

module Input
class << self
unless self.method_defined?(:input_update)
alias_method(:input_update, :update)
def update
#unless Keys.trigger?(Keys::F4)
keys ='user32', 'keybd_event', 'LLLL', ''), 0, 2, 0)

Does anyone speak Hindi?

Unfortunately Google Translate doesn't work with romaji and Hindi (our regular letters) and I can't read the Hindi alphabet. :/ So I can't really mess around with it.

Does anyone speak Hindi?

Sorry if this is the wrong forum for it (it's quite an unusual question so I wasn't sure where to put it). Does anyone speak Hindi? I'm looking for someone to help me translate a couple of sentences. Apparently no one I know speaks Hindi and VoiceBunny is too automated as a service, I wouldn't be able to talk to the person directly.

Please move if this is the wrong forum. :) Thanks. <3
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